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for PCB and package substrate makers


Adhesion promoter between E’less Cu and resin for advanced IC-substrates (Advanced Desmear)

Enabling finer l/s

Improved adhesion at lower roughness

Spray coating

No make up, no solution drag-out, no rinse and no solution analysis


smear removal in the BMVs

SEM image showing finer patterning demonstrated with CovaBond® on ABF GY (PS: ~5N/cm, Sa: 110nm, Sz:2.2um)

  • Adhesion mechanism is based on an innovative combination of mechanical anchoring by selective resin etching and chemical adhesion promoter
  • Smooth substrate enables finer line capability
  • Less severe flash etch required to remove excess copper from the substrate surface; this enables improved geometry retention of fine features and embedded structures
  • Sustains good adhesion after reliability testing
  • Spray application of CovaBond ensures low chemistry consumption, no rinse water requirement and limited waste generation

Very good coverage and throwing power in BMV despite challenging shape of the BMV


Plating on new generation of epoxy based resins for IC-substrates

CovaBond® is a unique technology that enables unparralleled adhesion of electroless copper to organic substrates with minimum surface roughness. It is an enabling technology for the finer line and space requirements and embedded structures.

Why we developed CovaBond®

Your challenge

The challenge is to obtain adequeate adhesion of copper circuitry while maitaining the very smooth surfaces for the new generation of dielectrics.

Our solution

Covabond® provides unparalleled adhesion of electroless copper to organic substrates with minimum surface roughness and excellent smear removal in the BMVs.

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