Atotech's Process Chemicals and Materials for Advanced Packaging Technology

Implementation of innovative technologies and new product solutions is the main goal of Atotech and all our employees around the world.
As the electronics industry continues to develop and the drive for miniaturization increases, the demands put onto modern Printed Circuit Boards and IC Substrates increase dramatically. In addition to this, the need for more environmentally sensitive products and processes further increases the requirements on modern manufacturing technologies.  
With this application we intend to display the major process portfolio of chemicals and materials used in the production process for IC Substrate applications.

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Recently, Atotech also has developed and installed several new and innovative systems technologies responding to market requirements especially for IC substrates applications.
Atotech is constantly adapting its equipments to the latest market requirements. Within the last 2 years Atotech developed a huge amount of new technologies for horizontal equipment, resulting in cutting edge systems innovations. read more

Using our expertise to support your production of IC substrates for every industry, please feel invited to contact us anytime to discuss our new processes and manufacturing technologies for your special needs.

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