DynaChrome® System – continuously improved since 1996
DynaChrome® System
50% less space – compact design made possible by higher current densities and short cycle times
Atotech DynaChrome®

DynaChrome® – Integrated Production Technology for Hard Chrome

High Speed Hard Chromium Plating of Piston Rods

Hard Chrome plating of piston rods usually requires additional space and complex, time-consuming chemical processes – requirements that complicate the production process. Atotech's DynaChrome® system combines unique patented plating equipment with a very high plating rate patented chemistry, and is capable of being fully integrated into the production process.

Piston rods are Chrome plated immediately after pre-grinding. This eliminates storage periods requiring temporary corrosion protection. The DynaChrome® system plates to final specifications – grinding to size can be omitted from mechanical post-processing which substantially reduces Chromium and energy consumption. 

Reducing the Environmental Impact: Chrome is recycled with an ion exchanger or through membrane electrolysis. The chemistry consumption is optimized through the plating "to final size", and the utilization of water evaporation for Chrome bath cooling enables the total recycling of rinse water.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated and encapsulated production system
    •   No worker exposure to hazardous Chromium chemical aerosols
    •   Fully automatic loading and unloading
    •   50% lower production costs
    •   45% less DI-water consumption
    •   50% less space than a conventional Chrome plating system
  • Optimized equipment design allows for plating to final specifications
    •   15% less chemistry and 30% less electricity
    •   No grinding required
  • Environmentally safe production
    •   Chrome recycling with ion exchanger or membrane electrolysis
    •   100% rinse water recycling

DynaChrome® Plus – More Efficiency

DynaChrome® is made even more efficient by DynaChrome® Plus, the next generation process which helps to minimize the build-up of key metallic impurities and subsequently increases the conductivity of the bath by reducing the Cr(III) concentration. This results in less power and water consumption, less wastewater and a reduced amount of Cr(VI) required for dosing.

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