Zintek®, Techseal®, Techdip
Zintek®, Techseal®, Techdip

Zinc Flake Technology – Top Coats

The Final for Highest Corrosion Protection

Atotech’s top coats can be combined with zinc flake base coats as well as electroplated zinc or zinc alloy layers forming multifunctional coatings, which provide additional benefits such as increased corrosion protection and constant friction values. With the Zintek® Top (L) range Atotech offers water-based mineral reactive top coats that improve greatly corrosion protection and mechanical properties of the base coat by only applying a layer of 0.5 - 1 micron.

The Zintek® Top S (L) products give outstanding performance especially to zinc and zinc alloy plated parts. Black parts get an exceptional uniform glossy appearance with excellent white corrosion protection. The Techseal® product line provides highest chemical resistance, uniform appearance, as well as increased corrosion protection with defined friction values Techdip products offer UV resistant layers with excellent adhesion also on plated wood screws.

Top Coats

Product ColorFeaturesTypical Application
Inorganic Top Coats
Zintek® TopTransparent- Cr-free and solvent-free mineral top coat
- Water-based with transparent silicate
- Reactive sealing additive
- Low drying temperature: 50 - 200 °C
  Suitable on top of zinc flake
  base coats on every kind
  of part
Zintek® Top LTransparent- Range of products that include internal lubricant
  for torque tension adjustment
  Used on metric fasteners
  by dip spin application
Zintek® Top S (L),
Zintek® Top Black S (L)
- Range of solvent based products with or
  without internal lubricant
- Excellent adhesion
- Improved corrosion protection, especially delay
  of white corrosion formation
- Uniform black finishes
- Dip spin or spray application
- Fasteners (e.g. screws, nuts,
  springs, etc.)
- On plated Zn or Zn alloys,
  mechanical or sheradized
  Zn layers and on Zn flakes
Zintek® Top L Green
Zintek® Top L Blue
Zintek® Top L Red
- Similar to Zintek® Top L
- Green, blue or red pigments for easy
  Used on metric fasteners
  by dip spin application
Organic Top Coats
Techseal® Silver WL, SL
Techseal® Black SL
Techseal® Blue SL
Techseal® Green SL
- Range of Cr(VI)-free top coats
- Water-based W or solvent-based S versions
- Very good performance in neutral salt spray test
- Includes internal lubricant to adjust torque
  tension requirements
- Other colors on request
- Suitable for zinc flake coatings
  as well as zinc and zinc alloy
- Dip spin, spray or dip drain
Techdip Silver SL
Techdip Black SL
- Range of UV-resistant top coats
- High Kesternich resistance
- Very good performance in neutral salt
  spray and ACQ test
- Excellent adhesion
- Other colors on request
  Dip spin or spray application

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