InPro® THF: Current density: 1.5 A/dm², dimple < 5μm

Berlin, 13 March, 2018: Atotech confirmed to showcase its latest solutions for (a)mSAP application at the upcoming CPCA show in Shanghai, China, from March 20 through 22, 2018.

The company has developed distinguished capabilities, precise chemical process and manufacturing equipment products, to offer its clients a unique systems solution for the manufacturing of highly complex (a)mSAP PCB designs.

Atotech is proud to announce that its new Printoganth® T1, a new horizontal high throwing power electroless copper process, was successfully introduced to the market and is now in mass production. The product will be one of the highlights at Atotech’s booth. Another highlight will be Atotech’s new InPro® THF chemistry, a DC copper plating electrolyte for via filling in vertical conveyorized plating (VCP) systems.

Printoganth® T1

Printoganth® T1 is one of Atotech’s electroless copper answers to the increasing miniaturization requirements of the high-end HDI market. The high throw electroless copper process was specifically designed for advanced HDI and advanced modified semi-additive process (amSAP) applications. Its superior throwing power performance enables a reduction of electroless copper deposition thickness while ensuring highest process safety. Thanks to the reduced copper thickness needed, fine line resolution is significantly improved and process costs are reduced.

InPro® THF

InPro® THF provides electrolytic copper filling of through holes (TH) in vertical conveyorized lines (VCL) for package substrates. It reduces the number of processing steps needed, thereby leading to improved reliability, productivity, and reduced costs. The three additive component system has been developed specifically for BMV and TH filling applications for advanced package substrate technology and provides excellent stability without the formation of any harmful breakdown products. InPro® THF assures very good copper within-unit thickness uniformity and can be controlled by CVS measurement for simple process maintenance.

Atotech’s product specialists will be at the CPCA Show at booth 7H103 from March 20 to 22. Stop by and see all products and solutions for various PCB applications at a glance.