High performance blue passivate for zinc nickel surfaces

Tridur® DB is Atotech’s newest member of the Tridur® family. It is a fluoridefree, two-component deep blue passivate for alkaline and acid zinc nickel surfaces. Suitable for rack and barrel applications, Tridur® DB produces an even, attractive deep blue finish even on complex-shaped parts.
Tridur® DB has a wide working window for blue appearance and an outstanding corrosion performance, which makes it a perfect alternative to standard thickfilm passivates. Up to 1,000 hours against white corrosion are achievable without even applying a sealer. When used with a sealer it provides even higher corrosion resistance results while giving a stainless steel appearance on acidic zinc nickel electroplated surfaces.
Another remarkable benefit of Tridur® DB is the extraordinary lifetime. Due to a high pH (4.0 – 4.5), the metal dissolution rate is reduced considerably during passivation. Optionally, a cobalt-free version of Tridur® DB with the same features in terms of corrosion protection and deep blue appearance is available.

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