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Although our history traces a long way back, Atotech was officially founded in 1993. Today, we are a global leader in the highly complex world of plating chemicals, equipment and services for printed circuit board (PCB), package substrate and semiconductor manufacturing, as well as decorative and functional surface finishing.

Within the chemical sector, we have developed distinct capabilities in two core businesses: electronics and general metal finishing. Both of our business divisions are equipped with comprehensive experience, deep market insights and advanced solutions to address the specific needs of their respective markets.

“As a leader in the electroplating industry, we continuously invest in R&D that enable us to deliver the most innovative and sustainable products. Our relentless R&D efforts, combined with our global TechCenter presence, allow us to offer pioneering products and unparalleled on-site customer support – making us a valuable partner for the industry.”

Geoff Wild, CEO, Atotech

Our journey so far

Atotech’s origin dates back to the mid-19th century. Over the decades, several mergers and acquisitions have led our company to be a global leader in the highly complex world of plating chemicals, equipment, and services for printed circuit boards, package substrate, and semiconductor manufacturing as well as decorative and functional surface finishing.


The origins

The history of Atotech began with the opening of Ernst Christian Schering’s Grüne Apotheke (Green Pharmacy) in Berlin in 1851. Twenty years later, Schering converted the Grüne Apotheke into Chemische Fabrik auf Actien (a chemical factory limited by shares). Only recently before this, R. Cruickshank Ltd. (later M&T Chemicals) began its electroplating operations in England. Schering started its electroplating operations in 1901.


World’s first “fast” electrolyte

Schering sells the world’s first “fast” electrolyte and the world’s first bright surface treatment bath in 1936. With the opening of the location in Feucht in 1957, Schering entered the production of plating equipment with simple machinery and reservoirs for galvanic surface coatings. The company met the needs of the up-and-coming printed circuit board industry early on by extending the DynaPlus equipment with plating through hole technology for the build-up of printed circuit boards in 1968.


The emergence of Atotech

Beginning in the late 1970s, several mergers and acquisitions led to the emergence of Atotech. In 1977, Elf Aquitaine acquired M&T Chemicals (later Atochem), and two years later, Schering Galvanotechnik took over Chemcut USA to acquire knowledge in horizontal circuit board treatment. In 1980, McGean acquired the R.O. Hull Company and became a leader in electroplating and metal finishing technology. Moreover, a joint venture between Atochem and Engelhard Corporation in 1991 formed M&T Harshaw.

Foundation of Atotech and the growing presence in Asia

Atotech was founded in 1993, when Elf Aquitaine merged its Elf Atochem M&T Harshaw operations with Schering’s electroplating division. The newly formed company is the largest electroplating company worldwide with a revenue of $375 million and about 1,600 employees. In the mid-1990s, Atotech started to expand in Europe and Asia. The company’s presence grew even further, as it continued to build unique local TechCenters in all key markets, especially in Asia. In 2000, Atotech kick-started its semiconductor division. One year later, Elf Aquitaine merged with Totalfina and officially becomes Totalfina Elf, before changing the company name to Total in May 2003.


Atotech becomes a stand-alone company

Expansion continues and Atotech built additional TechCenters and opened its first clean room production facility in 2010 in Neuruppin, Germany. In addition, Atotech focused on green product development and has led the way in sustainable plating technology. In 2012, Atotech completed the plating equipment family under the brand name Multiplate®. Total sold Atotech in 2017, thus making it a stand-alone company. In the same year, Atotech inaugurated the Atotech Development Center in Manesar, India. Today, Atotech is the market leader in plating technologies, generating sales of more than $1.2 billion with over 4,000 professionals worldwide.

Our global presence

Our presence across 47 countries makes us a global company giving unique service to our customers worldwide.

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