A new generation dye-free acid copper

Cuflex® 730 is the latest addition to Atotech’s Cuflex® family. The decorative, dye-free acid copper process is less susceptible to pits and pores, preparing the ground for a smooth, homogenous and immaculate final layer.

“Cuflex® 730 offers reduced hydrodynamic effects and reduced overlevelling”, states Christelle Virion, worldwide Product Manager for Decorative Coatings at Atotech. “This makes Cuflex® 730 particularly suitable for plating complex shapes and parts with recess areas or letterings”, she further describes the main features of the new product. Cuflex® 730 shows a low tendency for copper build-up at the edges and a low tendency to burning. The process is easy to maintain and unlike dye-containing processes, it shows clean tank walls during operation.

Atotech is widely recognized as a leading supplier of acid copper processes. Acid coppers are mostly used as intermediate layers. Therefore, their importance is critical to the overall performance of plated parts.