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plating on plastics and Cu/Ni/Cr plating

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Plating on plastics / decorative coatings

Modern designs and high performance

Quick facts

  • Full range of copper, nickel, nickel alloy and chrome electrolytic processes, and processes for plating on plastics
  • Products for conventional and direct plating on plastics
  • Full spectrum of trivalent chromium solutions
  • Approved by numerous OEMs
  • Full range of pretreatment products for multi metal application
  • Improved production solutions with auxiliary systems


  • Interior and exterior vehicle fittings (e.g. trim, handles, emblems, aluminum rims), shower heads, bathroom faucets, general fittings, hinges, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics
  • Applications within automotive, sanitary, furniture, consumer electronics, white goods, cosmetics and fashion industries

Plating chemicals

Plating on plastics

Plating on plastics

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive solutions for plating on plastics
  • Adhemax® for conventional plating ABS, PP and ABS/PC blends with outstanding selective plating properties
  • Reduced number of process and rinsing steps for direct plating ABS and ABS/PC blends with NeoLink® E
  • Adhemax® PA for plating on polyamide (PA)

Copper electrolytes

Copper plating chemicals

Features and benefits

  • Full range of acid copper, rotogravure copper, pyrophosphate copper, immersion copper, copper alloys, copper strike and non-cyanide alkaline copper
  • Specialized acid copper processes for a wide variety of applications
  • Excellent throwing power, superb leveling and high ductility

Nickel electrolytes

Nickel plating chemicals

Features and benefits

  • Full appearance range including bright, semi-bright and satin nickel
  • High sulfur nickel, microcracked and microporous nickel processes for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Nickel alloys for decorative applications
  • Tools – such as wetting agents – designed to reduce surface tension and purifiers for reduction and even elimination of problems related to metal or other contaminations as well as additives
  • Ion exchange system HELiX® is designed to recover nickel from the rinse water of our semi-bright, bright, satin and microporous nickel processes
  • With Nikotect® we offer an advanced maintenance and recycling system for semi-bright, bright and MPS nickel electrolytes
  • Regeneration system Satilume® LongLife combines our well-known Satilume® Plus process with advanced filtration and dosing equipment

Chrome electrolytes

Chrome plating electrolytes

Features and benefits

  • Complete range of hexavalent and trivalent chrome deposits
  • Unmatched range of bright and dark TriChrome® finishes
  • Non-PFOS mist suppressants, nickel activation processes and post-treatments for improved performance of decorative chrome plating
  • Fully-automated regeneration system TriChrome® Ion Exchanger for our TriChrome® electrolyte range

Precious metal electrolytes

Features and benefits

  • Atotech’s precious metal portfolio provides pure and alloyed gold, silver, ruthen, rhodium and palladium electrolytes
  • Hard gold product range for extreme wear and/or corrosion resistance
  • Colored gold electrolytes
  • Mirror bright Pd/Ni alloy deposits
  • Brilliant, black and anthracite ruthenium finishes

Auxiliary systems

More efficiency in a sustainable way


Highlighting our commitment to sustainability, we offer auxiliary equipment in addition to exceptional plating processes. Designed to reduce chemical consumption and extend bath lives, Atotech’s auxiliary systems for decorative electroplating share the same major benefits: cost efficient production, environmentally-friendly production and consistent plating quality.

Our equipment ranges from ion exchange systems for nickel or trivalent chrome plating electrolytes to regeneration systems for nickel electrolytes.

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“Our TriChrome® features tried-and-trusted technology and is currently in use at more than 300 customer locations worldwide.”

Dr. Christina Pfirrmann, Scientist at Atotech in Germany

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