TriChrome® Ice

Shining bright

BrightCr(III) finish

Close match to Cr(VI)

Corrosion protection

Excellent corrosion protection results

Environmentally sound

Sustainable alternative to Cr(VI) plating

Chrome plating chemicals trivalent

  • Bright color, close match to Cr(VI)
  • Cr(VI)-free – simple handling and increased worker safety
  • High corrosion resistance (NSS/CASS)
  • Good coverage
  • Wide range of design options

Automotive_low Sanitary_low White goods_low

  • Highly suitable for application in the automotive, sanitary, consumer and electronic goods industries
  • Applicable for both metallic and plastic surfaces

TriChrome® Ice

A bright process for the TriChrome® trivalent chrome family

New legislation – particularly that which restricts the use of certain substances – highly influences product development and research projects within the electroplating industry.

Atotech’s trivalent chromium processes for decorative applications – the TriChrome® series – are a sustainable alternative to hexavalent chromium plating. The product range encompasses the entire color palette – from a bright, clear appearance to darker shades – enabling a variety of design options.

Atotech has gradually extended its portfolio of dark finishes over the last few years. But with the introduction of TriChrome® Ice, Atotech is now able to offer an upgrade for its bright color range: a new finish that perfectly complements its well-known, tried-and-trusted TriChrome® Plus process.

What inspires us

Why we developed TriChrome® Ice

Your challenge

The interest in sustainable surface finishing is growing due to regulations such as RoHS, ELV, WEEE or Reach, as well as increased environmental, health and safety awareness. However, the demand for surfaces with a Cr(VI)-like appearance and excellent corrosion protection is coming from all industries where decorative applications are required.

Our solution

Our TriChrome® trivalent chromium processes for decorative applications are a sustainable alternative to hexavalent chromium plating. TriChrome® ICE is the brightest finish of our trivalent chrome product line and responds to the demand for a Cr(VI) look. It also offers an excellent corrosion protection.

TriChrome® family

TriChrome® processes are the best alternative to hexavalent chromium plating. TriChrome® processes have been used worldwide for more than 30 years in a variety of applications such as automotive, sanitary, cosmetics, consumer goods, consumer electronics, furniture, etc. TriChrome® is a tried-and-trusted technology in use at more than 200 customer locations worldwide.

Decorative, efficient, sustainable

Setting design benchmarks with a sustainable alternative to hexavalent chromium plating


Our trivalent chromium processes for decorative applications encompasses the whole color palette – ranging from a bright, clear appearance to darker shades. TriChrome® processes are suitable for metal-based applications, plating on plastics and Ni-free intermediate layers such as white bronze. TriChrome® deposits offer unique alloy properties, allowing for color adjustments and providing high corrosion resistance. Combined with Atotech’s satin nickel processes, TriChrome® provides designers with innovative solutions and the greatest freedom of choice.

The TriChrome® family at a glance

TriChrome® Ice Closest color to hexavalent chrome
TriChrome® Plus Bright, clear color, high speed, CaCl2 resistant
TriChrome® Smoke 2 Grey, warm color
TriChrome® Shadow Grey, cool color
TriChrome® Graphite Dark, warm color

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