Atotech terminates supply of chromic acid

Since 2015, Atotech has continuously addressed the supply of chromic acid by a separation of the chromic acid and proprietary additive products.

This decision has contributed to make the handling of chromic acid simpler, more transparent, and easier to control – without affecting the performance of Atotech’s high quality processes.
As of September 2016, Atotech extended this initiative in order to further contribute to a safer chromic acid supply chain.

Chromic acid started to be supplied to Atotech customers worldwide by approved suppliers and not directly by Atotech anymore. These suppliers are specialized in the delivery of hazardous substances like chromic acid. To ensure consistent high performance of Atotech’s processes, the suppliers have been carefully qualified and approved.

The direct supply routes reduce the potential risk associated with the transportation of chromic acid. This makes it easier for the industry to comply with associated regulations and controls – not only today but also in the future, when regulations are expected to be even stricter.

Pablo Nieto Aliseda, Vice President Special Projects General Metal Finishing at Atotech: “We have been shaping the future of our industry for more than two decades and we are a reliable and strong partner to our customers. This is why it was so important to us to improve the supply chain for a safer industry and at the same time make no compromises on the high performance of our processes.”

As a leading global supplier of electroplating solutions, responsibility to the industries, communities and the environment at large is deeply embedded into Atotech’s corporate philosophy.

Reinhard Schneider, President of Atotech: “In order to meet our goals of corporate responsibility, we have developed and implemented strategic, sustainable practices across all areas of our businesses and operations. We pay close attention to create a safe working environment for our staff and our customers and are proud to contribute with this initiative to a safer industry.”