Compact modular plating line

Leading technical features

Highly automated precise processes including individual Wi-Fi-control for carriers and barrels

High degree of flexibility

Expandable modular plating line that facilitates flexible and customized production

Small environmental footprint

Less environmental impact due to smaller size and higher productivity

  • Interchangeable, standardized modules
  • Faster installation time due to modularization and standardization
  • Autonomous control system within each product carrier for independent, cycle-based operation
  • Greater flexibility due to realization of different exposition times within one cycle
  • Easy process setup and best performance in combination with Atotech’s chemical processes
  • Smaller environmental footprint for standard applications
  • Automatic loading and discharging with optional noise-absorbing enclosure
  • Optional systems for hydrogen de-embrittlement or post-dip applications like; sealer, top coat or lubrication
  • Less production downtimes for maintenance and service due to automatic, predictive maintenance
  • Carrier maintenance in special maintenance station parallel to production

  • Bulk treatment plating system for small to large sized parts
  • Functional, decorative and electroless barrel plating applications


The patented compact modular plating solution

DynaSmart® is our compact modular plating line for the corrosion resistant plating of fasteners and stampings. The system facilitates higher production throughput with less environmental impact. Smaller active bath volume and tank size reduce water and chemistry consumption and decrease total exhaust capacity and wastewater generation.

DynaSmart® features a revolution in automation design. By individually managing each product carrier, various plating sequences can be run simultaneously allowing the system to operate at a fraction of the size of conventional systems and achieve a throughput of up to 21,120 tons per year.

Due to its compact dimensions and modular construction the DynaSmart® system can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into production and logistics concepts of a plant’s overall manufacturing process. Its easy installation allows for effortless expansion as production demand increases.

Aiding in preventative maintenance, DynaSmart® automatically reports part wear and tear ensuring the timely order of replacements. Its sophisticated design features object for decreased plating line downtimes for maintenance and service.


Savings in chemical consumption due to smaller tank size and less drag-out


Less water consumption due to less drag-out and improved rinsing processes


Higher throughput at smaller footprint

  • Smaller tanks
  • Less material for equipment manufacturing
  • Less drag-out
  • Less chemical consumption (drag-out related)
  • Less rinse water consumption
  • Less wastewater treatment

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Equipment overview

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