Master Remover® 5000


Very unique paint removal technology


designed for high value parts reclamation

Process specifics


Specially designed for high value parts reclamation with absolutely zero etch

Preserves intended substrate

Offers a complete etch free solution for light metal and Zn surfaces to allow high value part reclamation

Environmentally sound

Facilitates to reclaim parts typically destined to scrap, such as Zn plated automotive parts, wiper arms or diamond polished aluminum parts

  • High value parts reclamation
  • Suitable for diamond polished aluminum surfaces
  • Suitable for zinc, galvanized and zinc plated surfaces
  • Suitable for mix metal parts such as wiper arms, automotive and motorbike components
  • Preserves intended substrate
  • Eliminates rework, re-machining, re-melting, re-plating and buffing needs
  • Effectively removes a wide range of e-coats, wet and powder paint coatings
  • Unique etch-free capability
  • No damage or dulling of the surface
  • Free of chlorinated, NPE, APE, NMP compounds
  • Sulfuric acid-free
  • Easy to operate with single component
  • Low maintenance
  • Significantly reduces scrap cost burdens


  • All kinds of high value and most delicate parts
  • Aluminum diamond polish and zinc surfaces
  • Mixed metal parts and complex geometries

Master Remover® 5000

Sustainable paint removal technology


Master Remover® 5000 is a versatile, fast, single-phase operation, non-aqueous based paint removal process capable of penetrating, removing and dissolving a wide variety of coatings. It is especially designed for high value parts’ reclamation to reduce scrap cost.

Applied by immersion, Master Remover® 5000 disrupts the adhesive bond between metallic substrates and paint coatings by dissolving the paint. It leaves a clean, ready-to-use part that can be re-painted.

Master Remover® 5000 is easy to control and can reduce the scrap cost by 10 folds. It exhibits fast stripping rates (minutes for Zn e-coated parts) and a high loading rate capacity. Master Remover® 5000’s stripping performance with zero etch offers a unique experience to the market today.

What inspires us

Why we developed Master Remover® 5000

Your challenge

High reject rates can be a heavy burden, especially during the launch of new design parts or with automotive high standard visuals on delicate surfaces. Paint removal typically is conducted mechanically or parts are just scrapped.
Sometimes applied chemical stripping leaves a damaged, dulled or etched surface that will need to be re-machined prior any re-painting.

Our solution

Our Master Remover® 5000 is a unique and truly zero etch paint removal process that offers many economic advantages. It removes paint coatings from a wide range of light metal substrates very efficiently. Our process provides manufacturers an in-house solution with off-line possibilities, capable of meeting performance requirements that allow easy re-processing of the defective high value parts. Master Remover® 5000 is available to OEMs, Tier 1s and job-shop platers as well as captive shops.

Master Remover® product line

Sustainable paint removal technology

Our Master Remover® sustainable paint removal processes offer many economic, process and environmental advantages over conventional paint stripping methods. Master Remover® processes efficiently remove ecoats, wet paints and powder coatings from a wide range of metal substrates.

Master Remover®  5000
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