Enhancing the existing and

developing new and innovative solutions

Research and development

Rigorous R&D is the back-bone of our success. We regularly collaborate with our customers, industry bodies and educational institutes to carry out research across our global TechCenter network. We also work directly with end-customers and OEMs to co-develop new ideas that drive innovation in the final products.

Over the years we have built an extensive portfolio of patents and trademarks. A large part of it consists of green and future technologies for environmentally sound processes.
By measurably saving chemistry and water, and minimizing waste we deliver tangible cost-savings for our customers.

Global R&D network


A substantial budget allocated to research and development


1,965 registered active patents

39% of our R&D projects

were devoted to sustainable goals (2015). In recent years, environmental regulations such as REACH, ELV and WEEE/RoHS focused on the chemical industry have gained immense importance. The plating industry is one of many industries to feel its direct impact. As a result, there is a growing need and demand for ecological products, creating a new set of challenges and responsibilities for our industries.

Working together to ensure sustainability

“Unrestrained creativity defines R&D at Atotech.
It’s a matter of great pride to be part of
a multidisciplinary team that is constantly
rethinking to meaningfully support customers.”

Himendra Jha, Scientist Semiconductor, Atotech Germany

Atotech as an employer

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