Placing responsible operations


at the center of our corporate objectives


Regardless of what we produce, where we are, or who we do business with, everything begins and ends in accordance to our strict set of ethical values and moral obligations. These guidelines are found and applied in every conceivable aspect of our daily business, both internally and externally. Summed up, our commitment is expressed and implemented through safety, quality, compliance, and sustainability. We are a company dedicated to the absolute safety of those who manufacture our products, those who use them, and their impact on the environment. Our commitment to quality includes not only the highest product standards but also the quality of life of those we work, interact, and do business with. As for compliance and corporate governance, our zero tolerance policy for anything less than utter transparency is as strict as it is non-negotiable.

A message from the CEO
On the COVID-19 situation

Policy for health, safety, environment, quality, and security

We place people’s personal safety, safety with regard to operations, and the protection of health and environment at the center of our corporate objectives.

2018, pdf / 180 KB

Ensuring consistent quality: ISO certification

Atotech sites are designed to high specifications in order to guarantee the safety of Atotech employees as well as its neighbors, and also to protect the environment. All Atotech manufacturing sites are certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard, and have also attained the ISO 14001 and the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications.

ISO 9001

2020, pdf / 430 KB

ISO 14001

2020, pdf / 400 KB

ISO 45001

2020, pdf / 380 KB

Further certifications below:






Czech Republic
  • AEO (in German language)