Caring for the


things that matter

We have a responsibility towards our employees and their families, to our customers and their employees, to our business partners, and to the general public. Without a safe working environment both inside and outside the company, we would not be able to deliver the excellence each and every one of us strives for. Therefore, we have one clear target: ZERO accidents.

We pay close attention to the smallest details and to avoiding any unforeseen incidents.

  • With 1.31 incidents per 1 million working hours (TRIR) in 2018 for its own employees and contractors, Atotech exceeds the chemicals industry average in offering a safe working environment.
  • We share and implement local experiences anywhere at Atotech worldwide via a systematic return-on-experience process.
  • We put great emphasis on regular safety meetings and appropriate safety training for all staff.
  • We require third-party certification according to ISO standards for health & safety.

“For us, ‘Safety First’ is not just a phrase; it is a core value which we maintain and cultivate every day with the involvement of each and every colleague across the board. Our mission is to consequently minimize the risk of accidents.”

Joice Furiatti
HSEQ-S Supervisor at Atotech Brazil

Policy for health, safety, environment, quality, and security

We place people’s personal safety, operational safety, and the protection of health and environment at the center of our corporate objectives.

2018, pdf / 180 KB