Finding the balance between industrial innovation,


sustainability, and economic viability


Our commitment to the future

With our commitment to sustainable solutions we make a difference. We strongly believe in covering the world’s current demand for technologies and chemicals while contributing to a more sustainable plating industry. We do so by carefully selecting and using less hazardous chemicals whenever possible. We continue to bolster our environmental platform and are well-positioned to support our customers in perfectly fulfilling environmental laws and regulations for their manufacturing processes.

We are seeking to remove all of the following from our products and are committed to doing so over time:

  • CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reproductive toxic)
  • Toxic substances (e.g. cyanide, hexavalent chromium, nickel-compounds)
  • Heavy metals (e.g. lead, mercury, cadmium)
  • Allergenic substances (e.g. nickel)

Benefits for the environment

Our systems and equipment are designed to use water, energy, and raw materials very efficiently, reusing and recycling wherever possible. Combined with precise process control and a perfect combination of chemical products and equipment, this benefits the environment by generating less waste. In addition, it also achieves higher yield and cost savings for our customers, making sustainability even more attractive.

Sustainable technology

In order to meaningfully limit our footprint, we constantly introduce sophisticated production practices and evaluate smarter alternatives. Today, we are the partner of choice when it comes to delivering solutions that balance profitability with sustainability.


Less than 5% toxic substances in our chemical products (2018)


of our R&D projects are devoted to sustainable goals (2018)

“For us, it’s about finding the balance between industrial innovation, sustainability, and economic viability. We will continue to launch environmentally-responsible surface finishing solutions in the future.”

Dr. Dirk Rohde (left)
Director Electronics R&D at Atotech Group

Dr. Philip Hartmann (right)
Director General Metal Finishing R&D at Atotech Group

Environmentally responsible chemical processes for today

Cr(VI)-free processes for zinc post-treatment and chrome plating
Cr and Co-free passivates for zinc plating
Cr(VI), Co, Ni, Cd and other heavy metals-free zinc flake technology
CN-free alkaline zinc, copper, silver processes and zincates
Ni-free processes as alternative to satin nickel in decorative applications for consumer goods (electronics, cosmetics, etc.)
Pb, Cd and toxic heavy metal stabilizer-free electroless nickel processes for electroless nickel plating and the pretreatment of plastics
Boric acid-free acid zinc and acid zinc nickel processes
Pb-free and NPE-free tin processes for electronic applications
Cl–free palladium nickel process for connector applications
Ni and Co-free hard gold processes for connector applications
Non-PFOS, Non-PFC mist suppressants for decorative and functional Cr(VI) plating applications
Liquid chromium replenishment products for decorative and functional chrome plating with greater user-friendliness
Borate, NPE and phosphate-free cleaners
Long-life, low-temperature cleaners utilizing biotechnology
Phosphate and P-free cleaners, adhesion promoters and zirconium pretreatment coatings for various coating types (powder paint, wet paint, E-coat, enamel)
Chlorinated solvent-free, substrate-preserving paint stripping processes
Biodegradable NPE and PFOS-free acid cleaner
Boron-free acid cleaners
Direct palladium on copper
EDTA-free electroless copper for high-tech processes
Fluoride-free metal strippers
Formaldehyde-free electroless copper
Methanol-free passivation
Metal stabilizer-free electroless nickel
Nickel-free electroless copper
Lead-free alternatives for surface finishing
Reduction of DMAB consumptions
Cyanide-free immersion gold bath
Replacement of biocides for acid cleaners
Replacement of thiourea for NEAP alternatives
Solvent-free silanes

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