The new industry benchmark

Our true universal and economic PCB final finish

PD-Core® and Aurotech®G-Bond 2

New palladium and gold electrolytes with low precious metal content and best in class stability

Low precious metal content

0.5 g/l Pd and Au for reduced process cost and lower precious metal loss by drag out

Long bath life, high stability

Increased bath life compared to existing processes with higher bath stability

Surpassing latest industry standards

Gold applicable for plating on nickel and palladium passing the corrosion requirements of IPC 4552

PD-Core® is a new electrolyte for the electroless plating of palladium. It operates with a low content of 0.5 g/l palladium allowing the deposition of pure palladium layers with layer thicknesses of up to 400 nm and more. The process is stable in performance over long bath life and is characterized by easy handling and maintenance. Due to its unique formulation, it has a low sensitivity towards copper contamination and can therefore be plated directly on copper as well as on nickel.

Aurotech® G-Bond 2 – mixed reaction gold for plating on nickel and palladium

Aurotech® G-Bond 2 is a new mixed reaction gold electrolyte that is applicable for the plating of different final finishes such as Ni/Au, Ni/Pd/Au or Pd/Au. It exhibits a low gold content of 0.5 g/l and the deposit is characterized by a low thickness distribution which both help to reduce the cost for the overall plating process. Due to its partial autocatalytic properties, it allows to deposit ENIG layers that can easily fulfill the corrosion requirements of the IPC 4552.

  • Both electrolytes can be used in series or individually as drop in to existing plating lines
  • Pd-plating solution with high process robustness and low copper sensitivity
  • Au-plating solution with universal applicability for the different surface finishes

  • Low precious metal content
  • Long bath life, excellent bath stability
  • Applicable for multiple surface finish types
  • Can be used in combination or individually as drop in
  • Excellent corrosion performance according to IPC standards

What inspires us

Why we developed PD-Core®

Your challenge

In order to reduce the cost for plating of palladium and gold driven by the increasing precious metal price, electrolytes with low precious metal content and excellent thickness distribution are required. On top of that, you can benefit from stable and robust plating processes which allow universal use for multiple final finish applications.

Our solution

PD-Core® and Aurotech® G-Bond 2 are new palladium and gold plating electrolytes, that operate with low precious metal content and are characterized by excellent bath stability and long lifetime. The two electrolytes can be combined or used individually as drop in in existing plating lines. Due to their specific formulations, they are capable to be applied for the deposition of different kinds of surface finishes.

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