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Our product portfolio

Product portfolio

Panel and Pattern Plating

  • CupraPro® S8: Biodegradable pre-treatment for all HDI panel and pattern copper plating applications.
  • Cupracid® TP5: Electrolytic copper plating process for conventional hoist type DC equipment using soluble anodes.
  • Cuprapulse® XP7: Pulse plating solution for high aspect ratio copper plating – high throwing power.
  • Cuprapulse® IN: Provides more uniform copper appearance in comparison to standard pulse plating processes with soluble anodes.
  • InPro® VLF: Electrolytic copper plating process for HDI via-filling on VCP lines with inert anodes and CuO replenishment. This process as been designed for Pattern and Panel plating with excellent copper throwing power.
Plating Through Hole

  • Printoganth® T1: High Throwing Power Electroless Bath for HDI and Advanced HDI using mSAP and amSAP.
  • Noviganth® AF 76: High Build Self Accelerating Electroless Copper which is a perfect drop-in solution for many PTH line sin the U.S.
  • Printoganth® U-HT: High Reliability Electroless Bath for Blind Microvia Plating.
  • Securiganth® NX & Sweller HP: NMP-Free Swellers for Difficult-to-Process Laminates.
  • Securiganth® E & Sweller HP: NMP-Free Swellers for Difficult-to-Process Laminates.
  • ViaKing®: cost effective, enhanced graphite metallization process ideally suited for flex, flex rigid and multilayer PCBs using exotic or mixed dielectric materials.
  • Printoganth® MV TP2: High Throwing Power Electroless Copper for Next Generation Package Substrates.
Surface-Treatment Technology

  • BondFilm® HP: High performance alternative oxide for lower sludge, higher copper loading, and reduced COD.
  • BondFilm® HF: Alternative oxide for high frequency applications. Reduce signal loss while maintaining thermal reliability.
  • CupraEtch® SR 8000: Advanced cupric chloride based pretreatment for Soldermask and Dryfilm – reduced sludge, longer bath life, and higher roughness with minimal copper removal.
  • InkPromotor® T-15 Simple pretreatment to increase surface tension and reduce uncontrolled bleed in inkjet soldermask applications.
  • ResistAssist®: Easy-to-use Inner/Outer layer chem-clean for resist adhesion. Optimum roughness with low etch depth.
Selective Finishing

  • Aurotech® NIC Series: State of the art Electroless nickel bath. Dummy-free for ENIG & ENEPIG.
  • PD Tech PC-1: Proven electroless palladium bath for ENEPIG or ENEPAG applications.
  • PD-Core: Low metal electroless palladium bath for ENEPIG and ENEPAG applications.
  • Aurotech® DC (CH): Proven immersion gold bath with reduction assistance for reduce EN corrosion.
  • Aurotech® G-Bond 2: Autocatalytic gold bath with ideal corrosion performance for use with EN, EP & ENEP.
  • PallaBond®: Ideal Ni free final finish for fine line and high frequency applications. Solderable & gold wire bondable.
  • Stannatech® SF8 V2: Ideal Immersion tin bath with reduced solder mask attack, low foaming, & improved rins-ing over standard ISn baths.
  • OS-TECH SIT 2: Selective OSP bath for vertical or horizontal processing.
Production Systems

  • Uniplate®: (P, LB, CP/NP, IP2) Desmear, E‘less, Direct, E‘lytic Cu Plating.
  • Horizon®: (BondFilm, Stannatech) Oxide replacement, Immersion Tin.
  • vPlate®: Vertical continuous copper plating Double sided electrochemical plating tool.

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