2023 Americas Product Offering

Our product portfolio

Product portfolio

Panel and Pattern Plating

  • Cupracid® TP5: Electrolytic copper plating process for conventional hoist type DC equipment using soluble anodes.
  • Cuprapulse® IN: Reverse pulse plating with insoluble anodes for HDI and MLB.
Plating Through Hole

Surface-Treatment Technology

  • BondFilm® HP: High performance alternative oxide for lower sludge, higher copper loading, and reduced COD.
  • BondFilm® EX-S2: Bonding enhancement solution for low signal loss with high-frequency applications.
  • CupraEtch® SR 8000: Advanced cupric chloride based pretreatment for soldermask and dryfilm – reduced sludge, longer bath life, and higher roughness with minimal copper removal.
  • InkPromoter T15: Surface pretreatment for ink-jet printed solder mask applications.
Selective Finishing

  • Aurotech® G-Bond 3: New gold electrolyte with autocatalytic properties and non-toxic stabilization.
  • PallaBond®: Ideal Ni free final finish for fine line and high frequency applications. Solderable & gold wire bondable.
  • Stannatech® SF8 V2: Ideal Immersion tin bath with reduced solder mask attack, low foaming, & improved rins-ing over standard ISn baths.
Production Systems

  • Uniplate®: (P, LB, CP/NP, IP2) Desmear, e‘less, direct, e‘lytic Cu plating.
  • Horizon®: (BondFilm, Stannatech) Oxide replacement, immersion tin.
  • vPlate®: Vertical continuous copper plating – double sided electrochemical plating tool.
  • Geode™: PCB laser drilling system – CO₂ via drilling for HDI PCB manufacturing and integrated circuit packaging
  • Capstone™: Flex PCB laser drilling system – breakthrough productivity for flex PCB processing needs

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