Why is it time to switch from hexavalent hard chrome to BluCr®?

Learn more about the trivalent chromium BluCr ® process, which can be used in a wide range of hard chrome applications. It eliminates hexavalent chromium and toxic lead anodes, making hard chrome plating significantly less hazardous for platers and the environment alike while providing all the benefits of hexavalent hard chrome processes. The tried and tested trivalent hard chrome BluCr® process is already in use in various manufacturing plants worldwide.


BluCr-trivalent-hard-chrome-platingLearn all about the first
hard chrome process on the market
that is free of hexavalent Cr and how it
will help you to…

In this whitepaper you can learn about:

  • Streamline business processesand eliminate manual work and delays
  • Gain real-time financial and operational visibilityto make better decisions
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Drive value with rapid implementationand ease of use and customisation
  • Manage multiple subsidiariesand simplify financial consolidation

Did you know?

With respect to chloride corrosion of chromium itself, BluCr® coatings even outperform hexavalent-based chromium coatings. In addition, the trivalent hard chrome coating shows better abrasion resistance than classic hexavalent chrome coating.