The water-based Zintek® Top XT L inorganic top coat, from the Zintek® Top XT family, comes with a host of advantages for applications on fasteners like bolts, screws, nuts, springs, clamps and stampings. Applied to silver zinc flake coatings via dip-spin or spray, it is ideally suited for use in the automotive, construction and other industries.

An integrated lubricant allows the transparent Zintek® Top XT L to provide controlled friction properties with only minor scattering. When applied on a zinc flake base coat and measured according to ISO 16047, it has a low coefficient of friction range from 0.10 to 0.11 µ.

With its thin layer thickness of 1 to 2 µm and reactive properties, Zintek® Top XT L upholds the excellent performance ratings in standard neutral salt spray testing (NSST according to ISO 9227) that have come to be associated with Zintek® Top XT. In addition, it shows superb results in cyclic corrosion resistance (CCT), which is increasingly being required by different industries. The water-based finish features excellent handling properties, including high-quality adhesion, low abrasion and moderate curing temperatures.

Not only does Zintek® Top XT L perform outstandingly on top of zinc flake base coats, the top coat also ranks high in corrosion resistance performance in combination with suitable passivated, electroplated layers of alkaline or acid zinc, as well as zinc alloys. Zintek® Top XT L also maintains a high level of color stability on fasteners, providing an outstanding corrosion resistance performance.

With all of these exceptional features, it’s no wonder the Zintek® Top XT product family outperforms standard top coats on the market again and again.


Features and benefits

  • Clear, water-based, inorganic zinc flake top coat with integrated lubricant
  • Thin layer application (1-2µm)
  • Best-in-class results in NSST, as well as in cyclic corrosion resistance (CCT)
  • High color stability: significant reduction of white rust formation
  • Controlled friction properties with low scattering (0.10 to 0.11 µ acc. ISO 16047)
  • Moderate curing temperatures
  • Excellent handling: low abrasion and high-quality adhesion
  • Outstanding performance on zinc flake base coats and excellent results in combination with electroplated and passivated layers of alkaline/acid zinc, as well as zinc nickel