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Functional and decorative plating is used in all major industries to build better products

When it comes to our products we are proud to be found virtually everywhere in our everyday life. Our solutions support the clever functionalities inherent in all kinds of communication devices, computers, cars, as well as household, medical and industrial electronics. We offer perfectly matched processes for the entire spectrum of decorative and functional surface finishing used in manufacturing for automotive parts but also shower heads and fittings, washing machines, tablet PCs and many more.

As a plating chemical and equipment supplier, we are an invaluable partner to countless industries, who look to us for both functional plating of electronics and decorative plating of all kinds of parts and components. We believe that today’s plating solutions need to ensure the seamless functioning of technological products, enhance the performance and support progressive product designs.

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Oil and gas



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Our automotive competence

Understanding the automotive industry


We pay special attention to the needs and demands of automotive manufacturers, OEMs and their suppliers.


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