CuFlex® family


Dye-free copper plating solutions

Excellent brightness

Designed to reduce hydrodynamic effects

Dye-free process range

For low to medium leveling requirements

Reduced build-up

Improved resistance to burning

Deco CuFlex

  • Dye-free copper electrolyte with excellent brightness
  • Designed to reduce hydrodynamic effects and over-leveling (orange peel)
  • Excellent bath stability and wide operating window
  • Very ductile deposits
  • Clean tank walls, no precipitation that would require special cleaning prior to plating

Automotive_low Sanitary_low  
  • Highly suitable for application in the automotive, sanitary, cosmetics, furniture and electronic goods industries
  • Wide variety of applications such as plating on plastics (ABS and ABS/PC) or metal-based applications

CuFlex® family

Advanced decorative copper plating solutions

Atotech’s CuFlex® process range is the perfect choice when it comes to dye-free processes. Avoiding sludge formation and preventing tanks and anode bags from changing color, dye-free electrolytes also eliminate issues related to over-leveling, pit and pores and provide higher resistance to burning.

Even though acid coppers are mostly used as intermediate layers, their importance is critical to the overall performance of plated parts. Atotech’s CuFlex® offers excellent ductility and good throwing power with a high brightness level. This makes it an advanced decorative copper plating solution for a multitude of applications.

CuFlex® 730 is a high efficiency copper bath designed for the deposition of low-stressed, ductile and bright copper layers. It minimizes the build-up of copper at the edges and is highly resistant to burning. CuFlex® 730 is recommended for substrates where the leveling requirements are low (eg. plastics).

CuFlex® 740 is a dye-free copper electrolyte designed to reduce hydrodynamic effects and over-leveling (orange peel). It is recommended for low to medium leveling requirements.

Atotech offers a broad range of CuFlex® additives such as brightener, make up, leveler, promoter and booster.

CuFlex® dye-free processes

CuFlex® 730 Minimized over-leveling and hydrodynamic effects (orange peel). Low leveling. Lower tendencies to burning and build-up of copper at the edges, less susceptible toward pits and pores. Clean tank walls.
CuFlex® 740 Reduced over-leveling and hydrodynamic effects (orange peel). Low to medium leveling.
Lower tendencies to burning and the build-up of copper at the edges, less susceptible to pits
and pores and tolerant to elevated temperatures. Clean tank walls.

Your challenge

Increasing cost pressure and requirements for extraordinary decorative features require constantly improved products.
Cost-relevant factors include burning and the build-up of copper at the edges or the need to clean tank walls regularly. The ability to reduce or eliminate cost relevant factors becomes more and more important.

Our solution

Atotech’s CuFlex® range offers not only decorative coatings with excellent brightness – our processes are also designed to improve the quality.

Benefits are minimized hydrodynamic effects and an improved resistance to burning. At the same time, high process stability and less sensitivity to pits and pores can be reached.

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