Berlin, February 13, 2023 Atotech, a leading surface finishing brand within the Materials Solutions Division of MKS Instruments, will participate at AIMEXPO 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. AIMEXPO is North America’s largest motorcycle and powersports tradeshow with international reach. It is also the single most important event for the North American powersports industry and the catalyst to bring together industry, media, and dealers in a single arena.

Our surface finishing solutions enhance durability, improve appearance, and functionality meeting the challenging demands of the motorcycle and powersports market. The company is pleased to present Atotech brand solutions from our wear resistant coating range, our paint support technologies, and our zinc and acid zinc nickel line of products. As well as a range of Atotech hybrid systems like CP3.0® designed for extreme corrosion protection, which combines three coating technologies that achieve a new level of corrosion performance.

Our product highlights are:

BluCr®  –  The first industrial trivalent hard chrome plating process available in the market

Fumalock® – The first fluorine-free, non-PFOS, non-PFAS fume suppressant. Outperforms existing processes in NESHAP stack tests (2 to 4 times lower in Cr6+ emissions). EPA, CEPA and REACH compliant

HEEF® HMC –  High micro-crack count hard chrome process for superior corrosion resistance

Nichem® MP 1188 –  Pb and Cd-free mid-phosphorus electroless nickel process capable of standing up to the highest production demands

Nichem® MP 400 –  Super bright mid P electroless nickel process based on Pb & Cd free formulation. Ideal for all your applications requiring very bright EN deposits

Nichem® HP 1170 – Innovative high-phosphorus electroless nickel process offering unmatched highest corrosion protection. Its ideally suited for applications requiring excellent corrosion resistance such as the Oil & Gas industry

UniPrep® Long life, low temperature cleaning and degreasing solutions that promote the natural degradation of organic soils and assist with your goals for reducing carbon emissions

Interlox® 5707 Zirconium-based, phosphate-free paint pretreatment process that provides superior paint adhesion and corrosion resistance for a wide variety of metal substrates

Master Remover® 7000 – Robust and rapid e-coat removal technology for hooks, racks, and fixtures compatible with ferrous and light metals

Zylite® and Protolux® – High-performance, environmentally friendly acid and alkaline zinc processes which produce bright, ductile deposits with uniform thickness distribution

Zinni® – Acid zinc nickel process that combines high plating efficiency with superior thickness and alloy distribution across a wide current density range

Tridur® and EcoTri® –  High-performance trivalent chromium processes for the entire color spectrum (blue, black, yellow, iridescent) for zinc and zinc alloys

Sealer 300 W 2.0 Clear reactive inorganic sealer, a patent-protected technology providing the best performance in outdoor corrosion conditions

Zintek® ONE HP – One layer zinc flake system providing superior corrosion protection

Zintek® 300 HP – Black zinc flake base coat that, in combination with Atotech matt or glossy top coats, provides a true “all black” zinc flake system for excellent corrosion protection

Techseal® Glossy Black SL Attractive uniform glossy black appearance with excellent corrosion resistance

Techseal® Brilliant Silver – Organic silver top coat with a very attractive and shiny appearance

Techdip® Silver/Black – Zinc flake top coats with semi-glossy/matt) appearance offering superior corrosion and enhanced UV resistance.  Techdip® top coats can be applied on top of zinc flake base coat, or electroplated and passivated layers.

Zintek® Top XT – Inorganic, clear top coat providing 1,000 hours NSST at 2-3 µm when applied over

TriChrome® series – Decorative trivalent chromium processes setting design benchmarks with a sustainable alternative to hexavalent chromium plating

Cupracid® – Dye-based copper plating solutions, including the latest generation Cupracid® UP family of high performing, versatile acid copper processes

Unibrite® – High-performance bright nickel processes with low sulfur containing deposits for high corrosion resistance application

Satilume® Plus – Satin nickel finishes that create fine, even surfaces with an adjustable decorative matt appearance


Join us at booth N3125 in the Las Vegas Convention Center and take the opportunity to discuss new ideas and technologies with our technical experts on site. We look forward to meeting you there!


Conference: AIMEXPO

Date: February 15 – 17, 2023

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Booth no.: N3125


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