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The right product for every application

With our product finder you can easily find the right product for your specific production needs. You can choose between our portfolio categories for Electronics and General Metal Finishing and get a quick and convenient overview of our products and manufacturing solutions tailored to end markets, applications, and latest manufacturing technologies.


The Electronics product finder offers a deep dive into our Electronics solutions. Discover all our available wet chemical processes and equipment technologies that can support you in your business by simply selecting your target end market, application, and technology.

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General Metal Finishing

With the General Metal Finishing product finder, you can easily explore our wide range of solutions for functional and decorative surface finishing and find out which chemical processes and equipment technologies are the right fit for your end market or applications.

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The right product offering for diverse end markets

As a leading global supplier of surface finishing solutions, we are dedicated to continuously expand our product range and with it drive technological progress within the industries we serve.

Our passion for pushing boundaries has enabled us to create a wide product selection for diverse end markets, including smartphone, consumer electronics, communications infrastructure, sanitary, heavy machinery, energy, and automotive. This, together with our extensive systems solutions offering, consisting of chemical processes, production and auxiliary equipment, the service capability and local expertise, makes us an ideal partner for our customers and partners around the world.

Driven by innovation and sustainability

Offering high-quality chemical products and systems solutions out of one hand is what makes us unique in the market place.
As a company with a passion for engineering and science, we always welcome new challenges to create the kind of breakthrough solutions that drive the next chapter in life-enhancing technology. Our team of dedicated experts is there to ensure absolute quality in everything we do, always with individual customer needs and sustainability in mind.

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Our easy-to-use product finder for Electronics and General Metal Finishing is there to quickly guide you to the right process solution for your specific end market, application, and technology needs. Just choose your search parameters and you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s passivates for corrosion protection coatings or inner layer bonding solutions for high-frequency PCBs, your optimal solution is just a few clicks away.