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Being at the center of a knowledge industry, our true asset is our people. We are committed to providing an environment of original thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork, making MKS a great place to work.

At MKS, we give huge emphasis to diversity and pride ourselves on fostering a highly inclusive culture for our workforce, which consists of skilled professionals from multiple disciplines.


We are a global leader in the highly complex world of plating technologies. At the heart of our success is an outstanding team and an obsession with supporting our customers worldwide. By uniting many backgrounds, cultures, skills, and experiences, we come up with better answers to the challenges we face.

Employee stories

Kathy Lan, Corporate culture as a critical success factor
“Hi, my name is Kathy. I joined the Atotech family in August 2021 as a project manager, excited to see how the company could be so successful in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

I soon realized that the company is well-placed in the promising space of specialty chemicals for the surface-treatment industry. Demand for their products is strong and increasing, particularly with the strength of high-tech manufacturing. No wonder its financial reports look good!
That was my initial idea about Atotech and its booming businesses. However, I soon became aware of an even more critical reason: Atotech is successful because of its corporate culture – its DNA. A DNA based on respect, openness, and support.

“Customer orientation” is regarded as one of the most important behaviours in Atotech. We show strong respect to our customers to build long-term and trusting relationships with them. In addition, diversity and respect are core values. We respect our colleagues and partners in a multicultural background. People here are open for different opinions and embracing changes and innovation. You will get strong support from the managers and peers whenever you approach them. I feel good working for Atotech.”

Kathy Lan, Project Manager in Guangzhou, China

Kyunghun Park, from staff member to Asia Pacific Regional Finance Controller
“Hi, my name is Kyunghun Park, and I am the Regional Asia Pacific finance controller. I would like to share with you my 10-years journey to date in Atotech’s finance function.

I started there in 2011 as a finance staff member, and have never gotten tired of it. While some people may think that accounting doesn’t sound like fun, in my view it is exciting and demanding – especially at Atotech.

Finance/Controlling at Atotech is constantly exposed to new challenges and tasks, which gives me an opportunity to develop myself. One thing I learned at Atotech is how to focus on work and produce effective results. Atotech guided me towards becoming a top expert by improving my knowledge of finance.  

On top of that, the flexible working environment has not locked me in just one country but allowed me to broaden my vision and expand my capabilities through regional and global responsibilities. As a Korean Finance controller, I used to travel to Japan and Germany. Now I am in charge of Regional Asia Pacific Finance and am solving issues related to Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand with a very diverse group of colleagues.

All in all, Atotech has helped me to grow personally, continuously sparked my motivation and given me opportunities to grow and challenge myself – all of which make me feel a valuable member of the Atotech family. If you have positive attitude, are bold, and appreciate a good challenge, Atotech will set the stage for you to perform.”

Kyunghun Park, Regional Asia Pacific Finance Controller in Seoul, Korea

Laure Bayet, from Process Development in France to Applications Manager in the USA
“Hi, I’m Laure and my journey with Atotech started in France in 2005.

I was soon offered the opportunity to move, temporarily, to the USA as a Product Specialist for paint detackification in the Global Product Team – Paint Support Technology (“PST”).

Little did I know that I would still be here 15 years later!

By providing the necessary training and mentoring needed to explore new fields of expertise, Atotech helped me grow, thrive, and expand my horizons in the USA Paint Support Technology (PST) team.

Through my various roles, I was given the rare chance to travel the world, work with colleagues of quite diverse origins, brush up on some language skills and discover wildly different cultures.

Working at Atotech, I am constantly challenged to further improve my knowledge because our team is exposed to the ever-evolving customer demands around the world and we are committed to bring them the best possible solutions.

Atotech’s dedication to world-class customer service makes it unique in the industry and makes me feel proud to be part of such a team.”

Laure Bayet, Applications Manager PST in Rock Hill, USA

Monoswita Saikia, embracing change is part of the fantastic adventure
“Hi, I am Monoswita, I began working with the Atotech Group in 2017, right after my graduation.

Over the past years with Atotech, I have worked in different business functions such as Application and R&D. Currently, I am a Development Engineer in the R&D department for Wear-resistant Coating / Functional Chrome.

Since the start, it has been a fantastic adventure. The culture here fosters growth and learning. Our contributions are reflected in our accomplishments and milestones. It is very satisfactory to see how we by achieving our individual objectives contribute to the overall goals of the company.

Initially, I worked in our R&D technical centre in Bangalore. Now, I am part of the team in our world-class facility in the Atotech Development Center (“ADC”) in Manesar. All along, my experience has been nothing less than an exponential learning curve. It has been relatively easy for me to embrace change, accommodate new trends and technologies, and implement different skills. Atotech expresses its gratitude to its employees in a variety of ways. It provides bonuses, raises, promotions, and accomplishment certificates to encourage employees.

I am proud to say that we not only provide value to our customers through best-in-class solutions. We also make a positive difference in all the lives that we touch. “

Monoswita Saikia, Development Engineer Functional Chrome, R&D ADC in Manesar, India

Our learning

At MKS, learning can happen anytime, anywhere and in many different ways. We value and support the development of our people. This is important to both our business growth as well as our colleagues’ career development.

We provide a full range of learning opportunities to our people, aiming to foster both the professional and personal development:

Safety and compliance

It is our commitment to create a safe working environment for our people and customers. When it comes to compliance, we have a zero-tolerance policy. To ensure we live up to these standards, we conduct regular safety and compliance workshops and best-practice sharing sessions.

Technical training

We commit to sharing our expertise with our customers to enable them to achieve or exceed their goals. We are proud of our world-class technical training series. Not only do we actively share our experience within the company, but we also conduct regular seminars and talks for our customers and business partners.

Behavioural programs

Developing the talents we have at MKS is arguably one of the most important focus areas for us. To this end, we operate a global learning and development curriculum for our worldwide colleagues within the Atotech business. Based on individual development needs and goals, we offer customized behavioural programs around leadership capability and personal effectiveness.

Our life

One team, one passion

We are passionate about everything we do. We enjoy working as a team, learning from each other, and sharing a good laugh together. Our global team is highly committed and, and when it comes to the Atotech team, has an average tenure of 10 years with our company.

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