Electronics at Atotech

Product overview

Advanced wet chemical processes, production equipment, and service

We develop, produce and sell plating chemicals and equipment for manufacturing printed circuit boards, package substrates, semiconductors, leadframes and connectors and are recognized as the leading innovator within the electronics plating industry.
The trends towards better connectivity, greater device functionality, performance, and miniaturization, are leading to higher complexity in our customers’ products, which require advanced technology solutions more than ever before.

Today we serve global manufacturers with leading horizontal equipment and wet chemical process technology in the areas of surface treatment, metallization, electrolytic plating, final finishes, as well as pad metallization, copper pillar, RDL, TSV, and dual damascene plating. Our comprehensive portfolio, consisting of horizontal and vertical processes, allows us to participate in various future growth areas, such as next-generation smartphones, electrical and autonomous vehicles, the Internet of things, 5G, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

At home in major industries

Our solutions make innovation possible in a wide spectrum of industries

From advanced mobile devices, computers and consumer electronics, through communication infrastructure, automotive and aerospace to medical and industrial – our advanced technology solutions support the clever functionalities inherent in all kinds of electronics components and devices. This not only indicates the scope of our technologies but also the broad mix of products we offer and industries we serve.

Globally, leading manufacturers in the fields of printed circuit boards, package substrates, semiconductors, leadframes, and connectors rely on our expertise, products, service and innovation. We collaborate directly with our customers, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, which gives us strategic insights into market and technology trends and future product requirements. This strengthens our ability to invest in the right direction to meet the growing demand – even faster.


Big data infrastructure

Automotive electronics

Consumer electronics

Communication infrastructure


Mobile device solutions

Our chemical process technologies and equipment are used to build the most complex and challenging printed circuit boards (flex-/-rigid flex, multilayer, HDI using mSAP technology), package substrates, semiconductors, leadframes, and connectors used in advanced mobile devices today.

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Automotive solutions

We pay special attention to the needs and demands of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. Our product range offers wet chemical process technology and equipment that is used to manufacture printed circuit boards (flex-/-rigid flex, multilayer, HDI), package substrates, semiconductors, leadframes, and connectors used for engine and body control units, power train, mechatronics, lighting, info- and entertainment, sensors, radar, cameras, and ADAS modules.

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“We operate at the core of technology and develop processes for products that we encounter in day-to-day electronic items – from the most complex semiconductor pieces to high-quality, high-density interconnect printed circuit boards.”

Harald Ahnert
Vice President & General Manager, Electronics

Our technical and service centers

Helping customers stay one step ahead in all key markets

With our global TechCenter network, customer support is always close by. Our expert teams provide first-class support and consultation for every technical requirement.

We run 10 TechCenters in the Electronics business unit. They are in Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, India and the USA.

Multiplate® P

Our solution for next-generation packaging technologies

  • MultiPlate® is a new and revolutionary ECD plating tool for next-generation packaging technologies. The MultiPlate® P system is especially designed for Panel-Level-Packaging and capable of processing panels up to 650×610 mm.
  • Innolyte® PLP – our RDL and via-filling process offers excellent distribution and via-filling capabilities in combination with an excellent line shape
  • Innolyte® P – our high-purity copper pillar plating process offers the best uniformity at current densities up to 20 A/dm² and no voiding in IMCs

Electronics at glance

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