Systems approach for vertical continuous copper plating for advanced HDI, Rigid-Flex and IC substrates


Our new VCP line deposits copper on advanced PCB panels and is suitable for mSAP / SAP technology

Best uniformity

<10% applying insoluble, segmented anodes and adjustable anode and cathode shielding

Highest flexibility

regarding customer requirements on line size, throughput, copper thickness and panel dimensions

Chemistry and tool

out of one hand provide customers with a true advantage in the production process for optimal performance

V-Plate® is Atotech’s new vertical continuous copper plating equipment.

Our new plating solution provides customers with best results using advanced manufacturing technologies such as mSAP or SAP and can be applied to various PCB types, ranging from standard multilayer and HDI to advanced HDI, Rigid-Flex and IC substrates. Uniformities of ±10% can be realized leveraging our concept for insoluble segmented anodes with adjustable anode and cathode shielding. Through touch-free transportation of thin panels (down to 36µm + 2×2 Cu clad), we today fulfill all market requirements for vertical continuous copper plating.

The new system is fully automated and therefore automatic loading/unloading, copper replenishment, panel size adaption and RFID recognition come as standard features with our new V-Plate® system. It could be further upgraded by automatic grease supply and jig monitoring. We also put a lot of effort in making our new system as operator friendly as possible, as well as provide utmost customer flexibility in regards to line length or width requirements, therefore throughput, copper thickness and panel dimensions. The line layout can vary from one process to process track with each track up to 14 plating cells (app 34m plating length).


V-Plate® can be used for processing various PCB types, ranging from standard multilayer to advanced HDI, Rigid-Flex and IC substrates:

  • Multilayer PCBs
  • HDI PCBs
  • Advanced HDI PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • IC substrates

Vertical continuous Cu plating technology of choice for advanced HDI & IC substrate.


With V-Plate® we add to our industry unique systems approach by offering a perfectly harmonized and full production solution that consists of the chemical process and the production equipment.

The systems features and benefits are:

  • Advanced plating capabilities through insoluble and segmented anodes
  • Best uniformity by adjustable anode and cathode shielding
  • Thin panel transport capability down to down to 36µm + 2×2 Cu clad
  • Flexibility regarding the line layout – adjustable to customer’s space availability and technical specifications
  • Operator-friendly due to full automatic handling, incl. automatic copper & chemistry replenishment
  • Utmost energy and water efficiency by using specialized motors and latest cascade rinsing technology

VCP Atotech systems approach

What inspires us

Why did we develop vPlate®

Your challenge

To keep up with stricter technical requirements for pattern plating applications and especially the plating of smaller dimensions at reasonable cost.

Our solution

vPlate® our new advanced, high throughput, cost-efficient system for vertical touchless copper deposition.

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