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Inline processing for printed circuit boards (HDI/MLB and Flex/Flex-Rigid Boards), package substrates, and semiconductor applications

Quick facts

  • Unique systems approach: Supplying chemistry, equipment, process know-how and service
  • Leading sustainable solutions
  • Two production sites in Germany and China
  • Clean room production capabilities in Germany


  • Printed circuit boards (HDI, MLB, Flex / Flex rigid boards)
  • IC substrates
  • Semiconductor
  • Advanced packaging
  • Flat panel displays

Product portfolio

Permanganate desmear


Atotech’s versatile desmear equipment Uniplate® P allows high throughput rates, from multilayers to thicker boards and HDI boards or bare laminate boards for semi additive processes, giving the best results with almost all available base material (except chemical non-resistant substrates and materials containing acrylic adhesives).


Equipment highlights:

  • High quality stainless steel sweller and permanganate modules ensure maximum process stability and low maintenance
  • Integrated stainless steel filtration system for sweller and permanganate
  • Designed to save resources – highly efficient chemical regeneration system for continuous production at stable process parameters (patented Oxamat® for permanganate regeneration) and sophisticated rinse concept
  • Strong process performance with with patented flood bar technology




Electroless copper process


The leading horizontal electroless copper plating line, the Uniplate® LB, is the world standard for classical horizontal through-hole metallization. Systems solutions are available for a huge variety of board thicknesses and sizes. More than 300 Uniplate LB lines have been installed for MLB, HDI and IC substrates.


Equipment highlights:

  • Superior through hole metallization
  • High efficiency fluid management and delivery
  • New highly efficient rinse concept
  • Automated cleaning cycles
  • Chemistry analyzing system for optimum performance at specific process steps




Direct plating


Uniplate® NP is designed for the Neopact direct plating process and is suitable for all base materials including Teflon.

The Uniplate® CP is the horizontal conveyorized production system to go with Atotech’s Ecopact conductive polymer direct plating process for HDI, MLB and flex/ flex-rigid productions.


Equipment highlights:

  • Selective process, capable of BMV and direct pattern plating
  • Compatible with a wide range of base materials
  • Low space requirement




Electrolytic copper process


More than 800 platers have been purchased from Atotech since its release in 1987. Steadily improved from DC to InPulse1 to now Uniplate® Cu InPulse2 (Ip2), Atotech’s horizontal plating equipment is the cutting edge technology for producing high-end mass products in various applications, such as through hole filling (THF), filling of blind micro vias, and conformal plating.


Equipment highlights:

  • Pulse rectifiers for even current distribution and Frequency controlled high current density guaranteeing improved surface quality and uniformity
  • Insoluble anodes for improved geometry
  • Inline filtration for particle reduction
  • High level of automization and throughput
  • Saving resources such as water, electricity and copper




Surface treatment / Innerlayer bonding


The Atotech Horizon® Bondfilm® family is an integrated production solution for bonding enhancement and surface treatment. It consist of Horizon® BondFilm® – Atotech’s intelligent and cost effective solution for improved inner layer bonding and Horizon® BondFilm® LDD – a unique process to improve CO2 laser absorption of surfaces prior to laser direct drilling applications at maximum reliability.
It offers Atotech’s latest technology package in chemical processing, thin material conveyance and advanced fluid delivery.


Equipment highlights:

  • Automatic discharging devices
  • Advanced Cascade-Rinsing Technology with highly efficient and optimized pump circuits
  • Fully automated panel tracking control
  • Advanced safety features




Final finishing


The Stannatech® state-of-the-art tin deposition technology sets the world standard in thinnest tin deposition on printed circuit boards, making it one of the few surface finishing systems verified by all major automobile manufacturers. Our Horizon® Stannatech® production system is the best you can get. With Atotech’s unique Crystallizer™ and ConStannic™ control, the system is perfect for immersion tin for multiple Pb-free soldering and press-fit technology. Stannatech® achieves the highest mileages and process reliability in the market.


Equipment highlights:

  • Fully automated and controlled process via VCS
  • ConStannic™ and Crystallizer™ auxiliary equipment result in extended life time and efficiency of the applied chemistry – No feed and bleed process
  • Smaller footprint and higher throughput compared to alternatives
  • Rollers allow safe transport of smaller panels




Electrolytic plating for the semiconductor and advanced packaging industry


MultiPlate® is an innovative ECD plating system designed to tackle the current and future challenges for optimal performance in advanced packaging applications.
Its key technology is the simultaneous front and backside plating capability with optional individual process control for each substrate side, including current density, fluid flow, and anode segmentation enabling superior surface distribution at high plating speed.
For advanced packaging applications MultiPlate® is available for round and square substrates for wafer and panel-level packaging applications.

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Electroless metallization for displays

With decades of experience in horizontal wet-chemical electroless copper systems, Atotech has developed the new high-speed electroless copper systen consisting of CupraTech® FPD process and VisioPlate®. It is tailored to the requirements of the next generation products of the flat panel display industry.


The VisioPlate® tool features:

  • Reliable transport of large and thin glass substrates up to gen8 size
  • Adjustable line speed for an electroless copper layer of up to 2µm
  • Special features for particle prevention


High-purity chemistry manufacturing

Transportation technology

Universal transport system (UTS) – For ultra flex material processing (UTS-xs)

Atotech’s Universal Transport System is designed to enable Atotech’s desmear, PTH and copper plating equipment to process a broad range of different panel thicknesses. The Universal transport system consists of UTS-XL, UTS-s, UTS-xs and the new UTS-xs+. It is the latest addition to the UTS that opens new possibilities for safe thin material transportation in our Uniplate® P and LB lines.

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An innovative electrochemical plating system for next generation packaging technologies

Did you know?

Atotech’s history dates back to 1869.

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