New cost-effective plating tool for highly reliable,

high-volume PCB production

Polygon   PLB line®

A desmear and electroless copper line for MLB, Rigid-flex and HDI PCB manufacturers which provides state-of-the-art throwing power in BMVs and Through Holes

State-of-the-art throwing power

in BMVs and through holes

German engineering

based on 30 years of experience

Operator-friendly design

for best process control and maintenance

The Polygon PLB line® was designed for printed circuit board manufacturers with high reliability and high performance demands in multilayer, rigid-flex and HDI panel processing taking advantage of a complete wet-in-wet in-line solution.

For easy process set-up, best performance and uniform process results we offer our unique systems approach: Polygon PLB Line® equipment and Securiganth®, Neoganth®, Printoganth® series process solution out of one hand.


  • Multilayer PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • HDI PCBs
  • Advanced fluid bar design enabling superior solution exchange in BMVs and THs and a safe panel transportation
  • Designed for easy control of process parameters such as flow rate and pressure
  • Available with steam and hot water heating concept
  • Equipment technology to reduce consumption of water and chemistry
  • Fully compatible with Atotech’s Securiganth®, Neoganth® and Printoganth® series

What inspires us

Why did we develop the Polygon   PLB line®

Your challenge

An increasing demand for a cost-effective horizontal PTH line since the industry is moving towards finer line and spaces in HDI and rigid-flex PCBs (i.e. automotive applications). In addition, the industry is facing stricter environmental regulations (e.g. China) and therefore you consider to switch your operation from vertical to horizontal equipment.

Our solution

The new Polygon PLB line®, a localized and cost-effective equipment product that is developed to meet today’s multilayer, rigid-flex and HDI PCB production trends. Our new line is equipped with key technical features such as the advanced fluid bar technology, a safe transportation system and an operator-friendly design for easy and stable process control.

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