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Who we are & what we do

Atotech is a global brand, leading in specialty surface-finishing solutions. Our Atotech products are so integral to everyday life that wherever you go, whatever time of day, you are not far from our technology.

We provide both the chemistry and equipment for surface-finishing and electroplating, which we sell through both our Electronics and General Metal Finishing segments. Our end markets are global, as is our team.

We stay on the leading edge of innovation through our collaboration with our customers and significant, annual R&D investment. We create technology for future solutions.

Atotech systems are designed to reduce the use of energy, water, and raw materials – generating cost savings and reducing the environmental footprint of our customers. We leverage our creativity and innovative power to make a positive difference in all the lives that we touch.

Customer-oriented solutions

The combination of our comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach, a strong global manufacturing and sales footprint, customer-driven investments in R&D, and superior technical expertise makes us an ideal surface-finishing solutions partner for our diverse customer base. Our solutions create significant value for our customers focused on product performance, reliability, and consistency. Better yet, they also form the foundation of our long-term partnerships across the globe.

  • We operate 15 state-of-the-art TechCenters globally.
  • We address our customers’ needs on multiple, highly detailed levels.
  • We provide local service around the world and respond in real-time to customer needs.

#1 in the global electronics plating market
#2 in the global metal-finishing plating market

Our core business

Adding value to your life


Fasteners, heavy machinery, hydraulic rods, window frames, as well as electronic systems


Shower heads, faucets, and fittings

Consumer electronics

TVs, smart home systems, audio/visual entertainment

Communication infrastructure

Servers, data centers, 5G base stations, cloud computing, big data applications


Chairs, table legs, and lamps

Automotive electronics

Engine control unit, ICE powertrain, info/entertainment, assisted driving (ADAS), electronic powertrain

Automotive surface finishing

Front grills, door handles, emblems, decorative trim components, brake calipers, fasteners, shock absorber rods, valve systems


Laptops, PCs, tablets, displays, game consoles

Mobile devices

Smartphones, wearables, VR/AI gadgets

Household appliances

Washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens

Wind energy


Solar energy

Solar cells

Solar energy

Solar cells


EV and electronics batteries, energy storage

Our value proposition

Through our Atotech brand, we offer comprehensive surface-finishing solutions that enhance our customers’ product quality, improve yields, reduce overall costs, and ultimately enable our customers to win in their markets.

Some of the surface-finishing solutions we provide are easily visible, such as decorative plating on plastics or corrosion protection for industrial applications (General Metal Finishing business segment).

Other surfaces are hidden, such as the complex matrices of electrical connectivity found in printed circuit boards and semiconductors (Electronics business segment). For our global customers, we are the one-stop surface-finishing solutions partner, who combines a comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach and a truly global manufacturing and sales footprint with superior and customer-centric service.

Innovative capacity

Our business is defined by an unwavering commitment to research and development (R&D) with a focus on high-growth applications, customer collaboration, and market-led innovation.

On the one hand, we invest in supporting our existing customers’ product improvement and short-term R&D needs, which allows us to lead the way with new high-value solutions. On the other hand, our R&D investment is focused on developing next-generation technology. Together, these commitments let us solve complex technical problems associated with cutting-edge product innovations.

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