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Our TechCenter network

To offer best local service and conduct extensive research and development, we have established a global TechCenter network. Combining unique capabilities, sophisticated equipment and highly proficient expert teams.

Working closely with our customers and industry partners helps us to anticipate the industry’s future requirements which in return helps our customers to remain one step ahead. With the support of our TechCenters we are able to introduce new and relevant technologies to the market faster.

From routine analyses to pilot production

Our technical specialists collaborate closely with customers and industry partners to undertake sampling, prototyping as well as pilot productions under production-scale conditions.

Benefit from our expertise

The TechCenters support our vision to constantly innovate and build new expertise. We share our knowledge with our customers and industry partners through hands-on training in our TechCenters worldwide.

Leading the movement for sustainability

The future of our industry depends on sustainability. TechCenters help us in developing and promoting new, more environmentally-friendly production solutions that reduce water, energy and chemical consumption.

TechCenters support our R&D efforts and exemplify our commitment to innovation while providing leading customer service.

“With our global TechCenter network,
customer support is always close at hand.
Our expert teams provide first-class support and consultation for every technical requirement.”

Daniel Schmidt, Head of electronics marketing worldwide

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