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connectors, leadframes and IC outer leads

Our product portfolio

Silvertech® C

Silver carbon deposit for switches and connectors

Extremely high wear resistance

with carbon incorporation to reduce wear and friction

Qualified product in mass production

with many years in production for power switches

Highly electrically conductive surface

for advanced and reliable

Silvertech® C – Silver -Carbon plating process.

  • Co-deposits 1-2 % w/w carbon
  • Reduces the friction through a self lubricating effect
  • Improves the wear resistance significantly
  • Deposits a matt Ag-C layer
  • Perfectly suited for connectors with high wear resistance requirements such as EV-battery chargers and power switches for improved life time

  • Low coefficient of friction (0.2-0.5)
  • Hardness 60-90 HV25
  • Low wear off
  • Stable cyanide based formulation for rack and barrel applications

What inspires us

Why we developed Silvertech® C

Your challenge

You need a highly conductive surface that is able to withstand thousands and thousands of mating cycles. A deposit that offers the same advantages as pure silver deposits.

Our solution

Silvertech® C is a self-lubricating deposit through co-deposition of carbon that reduces the coefficient of friction while keeping conductivity high. The improved wear-off enables a longer lifetime than conventional or even hard silver deposits.

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