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and post-treatment solutions

Our product portfolio

Leadframe and connector

Integrated wet chemical process solutions for connectors, leadframes and IC outer leads

Quick facts

  • Full range of plating chemicals for gold alloy (nickel, iron, cobalt), palladium and palladium alloy, tin, nickel, copper, silver, rhodium, platinum and ruthenium coatings
  • Full process range for superior pretreatments and post-treatments
  • Sustainable solutions


  • Electrical and electronic applications including IC outer leads, leadframes, connectors, and interconnect devices
  • LED applications
  • Micro waveguides
  • Metal wires

Product portfolio

IC / leadframes
Plating chemicals leadframes
  • Innovative solutions for leadframe roughening, tin plating, ultrathin Ni/Pd/Au and high-speed silver plating
  • Highest MSL level performance
  • Whisker prevention
  • Low-to-zero free cyanide high-speed alternative for plating matt silver over leadframe surfaces
Plating chemicals pretreatment electric industry
  • Innovative solutions for gold/gold alloy plating, palladium/palladium alloy plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating and nickel gold plating
  • Pure tin layers with low internal stress, excellent solderability and minimal propensity to whisker
  • Robust systems allowing for wide variation within most significant plating parameters
Plating chemicals for connectors
  • Innvoative solutions for cleaning, anti-immersion and deflashing
  • Processes for perfectly cleaned and activated metal surfaces
Plating chemicals posttreatment electronics
  • Innovative solutions for anti-discoloration and anti-tarnishing, anti-corrosion, bleed-out prevention, stripper and belt stripper
  • Processes to inhibit discoloration of tin plated layers
  • Excellent wettability and solderability of tin plated surfaces after steam aging and pressure cooking

“We are supporting manufacturers with high quality products that push the limits in reliability. Our custom-made metal plating processes, pre- and post-treatments, as well as adhesion promoters do exactly that, and therefore can make the difference”

Dr. Christian Ohde
Global Product Director for Lead Frame and Connector at Atotech Germany

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