Green tin high-speed processes

At Atotech, we combine innovation, recent technologies, and the need of the market for dependable yet sustainable tin processes to develop a group of advanced and environmentally friendly tin plating processes and post-treatments. These green tin processes assure optimal protection and coverage while being completely free of any critical additives including BPA, NPE, and PFAs. They are specifically designed for lead frames and connectors, and include the entire spectrum from matt over semi bright to bright tin deposits. At the same time, all of our green tin processes are heat resistant and assure high current densities as well as perfect tin coverage over the entire current density range. Our sustainable tin plating solutions are ideal for all types of lead frames and connectors and apply to all modern plating tools.


Cost savings*

*est. 10% cost savings using MKS’ Atotech MSA and Sn-MSA compared to standard make-ups


Sustainable products

Metallization brochures

Niveostan® SL-N

pdf / 628 KB

Niveostan® 200-E

pdf / 539 KB

StannoPure® PF 10

pdf / 3,606 KB

StannoPure® 3000 E

pdf / 958 KB

Stannopure® HSB

pdf / 1,322 KB

Stannacid® HS-N

pdf / 614 KB

Stannolume® WP

pdf / 408 KB

Post-treatment brochures

Protectostan® Plus 3

pdf / 471 KB

Protectostan® LF-E

pdf / 1,409 KB

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