Leading surface technologies for

connectors, leadframes and IC outer leads

About our portfolio

Stannopure® PF 10

Pure high speed tin plating process for connectors, leadframes and more

Sustainable product

Designed to stay in the market – No PFAS, NPE, BPA etc

Excellent coverage over entire current density area

Very good coverage even for difficult designs

Perfect solderability

Improves rinsing and corrosion

Stannopure® PF 10 – green high speed tin process for lead frames and connectors with perfect coverage.

Stannopure® PF 10 is a high speed MSA based pure tin electrolyte for lead frames, connectors and wires. With its perfect tin coverage over the entire current density range Stannopure® PF 10 is designed to plate even the most difficult connector and lead frame designs. It is built on a new electrolyte suite that is free of BPA, NPE, PFAs and other critical additives.

Stannopure® PF 10 does not oil out even at high temperatures and deposits are perfectly solderable with a very low whisker propensity.

  • Easy step-in process as a replacement for non-sustainable tin protection processes
  • Applicable for all tin surfaces

  • Green i.e. sustainable product
  • Good coverage of entire current density range
  • Perfect solderability
  • Very stable electrolyte (no oil out)
  • Low whisker propensity
  • Simple 1 additive system

What inspires us

Why we developed Stannopure® PF 10

Your challenge

Your tin plating process is not sustainable anymore. You are looking for an alternative that complies with current and future legislations.

Our solution

Stannopure® PF 10 is fully compatible with current and future foreseeable legislations. The recipe is based on completely sustainable additives i.e. no PFAS, NPE, BPA etc. without impairing the quality deposit you can rightly expect from us. All relevant requirements as solderability, stability and whisker propensity have been successfully passed.

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