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About our portfolio

Protectostan® Plus 3

High performance 2-in-1 tin protection against heat and humidity

Sustainable product

Designed to stay in the market – no hazardous substances

Protects from heat and humidity

Effective protection against steam aging and heat exposure

Preserves full solderability

Improves rinsing and corrosion

Protectostan Plus® 3 – tin post-dip.

Protectostan Plus® 3 is the third generation of 2-in-1 protection processes for tin. It effectively protects tin deposits from staining during exposure to humidity e.g. in pressure cooker tests (PCT) or dry heat. Parts keep their perfect solderability even after exposure to 16 h baking at 150 °C followed by 8h steam aging or under reflow conditions as 15 min at 250°C. Its recipe is free from critical chemicals and complies fully with the existing and expected regulations.

  • Easy step-in process as a replacement for non-sustainable tin protection processes
  • Applicable for all tin surfaces

  • Green i.e. sustainable product
  • Effective protection against heat and humidity
  • Preserves solderability
  • Easy drop-in technology

What inspires us

Why we developed Protectostan® Plus 3

Your challenge

Tin surfaces tend to stain or tarnish during exposure to oxygen. This will sooner or later lead to impaired solderability of the surface. It’s wetting performance and thus overall solderability is affected and may in the end lead to open contacts in the electronic circuit. You are looking for a simple and cost effective solution to preserve the solderability of the plated parts even after long-term storage.

Our solution

Protectostan® Plus 3 is a 2-in-1 solution to preserve the solderability of the tin deposit even under humid and hot conditions.

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