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connectors, leadframes and IC outer leads

Our product portfolio

Silvertech® RBH

Hard silver deposit for connectors and bus bars

Reliable hardness

With the values of > 180 HV (0.01/20)

High productivity

Stable performance up to 5 ASD in rack and barrel


1 component system

Silvertech® RBH – our reliable and hard silver process for connectors and bus bars.

  • Robust process with an exceptional stability and allows for high applied current densities of up to 5 ASD.
  • Deposits hard silver layers with a Vickers hardness of more than 180 HV and low contact resistance that is temperature stable over a wide range.
  • Delivers a highly conductive layer with low contact resistance, making it an ideal finish for high voltage/power bus bars and connectors that are needed for e-vehicles, energy conversion and more
  • Forms a perfect team with our effective Silver anti-tarnish Argalin XL that preserves layer properties even after high temperature exposure

  • Reliable and fast deposition
  • Hard deposits
  • Low contact resistance
  • Simple additive system

  • Hardness of more than 180 HV (0.01/20)
  • High productivity, up to 5 ASD
  • Simple additive system that leads to easy control
  • Low contact resistance

What inspires us

Why we developed Pallacor®HSN Plus

Your challenge

A highly conductive and robust surface finish is needed that survives the harsh requirements of automotive applications. Contact resistance of the connectors and bus bars is required to be low even after thermal exposure.

Our solution

Silvertech® RBH is a cyanide based silver electrolyte that addresses exactly these points. Its robust process delivers a hard deposit of more than 180 HV and a very low contact resistance that is temperature stable.

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