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Non-etching adhesion promoter (NEAP) for pre-plated leadframes (ppf)

High reliability for automotive industry

Significantly improves the adhesion between leadframe surface and EMC, and thus enabling MSL1 of IC packages

Excellent heat resistance

No performance degradation and survive even under extreme heat treatment conditions during the IC assembly processes

Green and low

Green and sustainable technology. Cost effective compared to existing technology (Rough PPF)

Ppfrep – adhesion promoter for ppf

Atotech’s ppfPrep is a unique Non Etching Adhesion Promoter (NEAP) for ppf leadframe applications. It provides excellent adhesion while significantly reducing costs. The simple, low-cost costs. The simple, low-cost solution assures high performance and resolves the IC package delamination issue which uses ppf leadframes. ppfPrep offers advantages in board level reliability (BLR) and does not require any tin plating. It thereby eliminates the wet-process. Furthermore, ppfPrep does not create any changes to the original topography of the ppf surface yet increases the adhesion of the epoxy molding compound to the ppf surface.

  • ppfPrep process can be easily incorporated into the existing Ni/Pd/Au plating line of ppf leadframes
  • ppfPrep process can also be installed at IC assembly plants by just investing in a simple wet process equipment

  • Cost effective solution to resolve complex issue of IC package delamination
  • Non-etched process leads to no Cu waste
  • Controlled epoxy bleed out due to non-rough surface makes it easier to be deflashed
  • Good heat resistance, meeting automotive industry requirements
  • Can be adopted in the current production leadframe Ni/Pd/Au plating line – no heavy investment needed
  • Green technology

What inspires us

Why we developed ppfPrep

Your challenge

In general, leadframes for microelectronics packages can be divided into two main categories, namely (i) selective Ag plated / Cu leadframes, and (ii) ppf (Pre-Plated Frames), where the whole leadframe surface is fully plated with Ni/Pd/ Au stack in the latter category. The currently available adhesion promoter techniques used for leadframes include copper roughening process (etching process) and rough copper plating for selective Ag plated / Cu leadframes, as well as rough Ni/Pd/Au finishing for ppf. Though it is clear that making the leadframe surface rougher could enhance the adhesion of leadframe to EMC, that eventually leads to improved “CLR” (Chip Level Reliability), the rough leadframe surface on the other hand can cause many assembly issues, such as die glue bleed out problems and difficulty in deflashing process after molding.

Our solution

ppfPrep is an adhesion promoter for ppf which does not involve the conventional ways of creating rough leadframe surface for better adhesion with EMC through mechanical bonding. Instead, ppfPrep is a non-etched, non-roughened process, thus solving many problems associated with rough leadframe surfaces.

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