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Integrated wet chemical process and equipment solutions for package substrates and printed circuit boards (HDI/MLB and Flex/Flex-Rigid)

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  • Global market leader in I/L bonding
  • Special copper pretreatment solutions
  • Advanced adhesion promoters and etchants
  • Photoresist stripping optimized for fine line


  • Bonding enhancement
  • 5G Bonding Applications
  • Advanced surface preparation
  • Photoresist stripping
  • PCB and package substrate applications


Product portfolio

Bonding enhancement

Nano-structure formed byNovaBond® IT

  • NovaBond® IT: A non-etching adhesion promoter that promotes reliable mechanical adhesion for IC-Substrate and high frequency materials.The NovaBond® IT process also provides good thermal reliability and is also compatible for solder resist materials. Due to its non-etching nature it shows significant benefits on signal integrity especially in high frequency applications.
  • Multibond®: This Black Oxide process can be operated over a wide range of temperatures and dwell times to produce a variety of bonding properties, depending on the specific applications.
  • BondFilm®: Atotech’s simple and economic oxide alternative process for improved inner layer bonding. With over 400 lines and installations worldwide Atotech leads this market segment globally and contributes to the success of many key PCB manufacturers.
  • BondFilm®MS 1000/HP: A low sludge version of BondFilm® MS 1000/HP gives great operational benefits, significantly reduce equipment maintenance and downtime frequency.

5G Bonding Applications

Significant reduction in roughness with BondFilm HF Plus to improve Signal Integrity

  • BondFilm®HF Plus: Atotech’s first Bonding enhancement solution specifically designed to meet the challenges set for high frequency bonding, or so-called 5G, applications. BondFilm®HF Plus is a drop in replacement for conventional Oxide Replacement equipment and provides excellent bond strength and thermal reliability. However, as the overall surface roughness is reduced in this system significant benefits are shown in signal integrity performance for high frequency applications.
  • BondFilm® EX: The second generation of high frequency bonding chemistry developed by Atotech is BondFilm® EX. This system has a synergy of two different bonding systems in horizontal application. The mechanical adhesion of a conventional Oxide Replacement is further enhanced by the application of a bespoke Adhesive Coating.
  • NovaBond®EX: For bonding systems where conventional Oxide Replacement type chemistry is not required, Novabond® EX is also available for use in horizontal application. The bonding properties of a unique two-step pre-treatment process is further enhanced by application of a custom-designed Adhesive Coating.
  • NovaBond® IT: A non-etching adhesion promoter that promotes reliable mechanical adhesion for IC-Substrate and high frequency materials. The NovaBond® IT process also provides good thermal reliability and is also compatible for solder resist materials. Due to its non-etching nature it shows significant benefits on signal integrity especially in high frequency applications.
Advanced surface preparation
Excellent Copper Splash removal using BondFilm LDD SR

Excellent copper splash removal using BondFilm® LDD SR

  • EcoFlash®: Innovative one-step process that was developed for differential etching for SAP and MSAP applications with fine line technology.
  • CupraEtch® DT: Specially developed for Photoresist preatreatment and offers a specifically suited excellent surface roughness for this application.
  • CupraEtch® SR: A very robust process and is suitable for soldermask and photoresist pretreatment. As all CupraEtch® processes it has a particularly high copper loading window that allows for minimization of waste water treatment needs and therefore translates directly into cost savings.
  • BondFilm® LDD: The reliable BondFilm® series has been expanded into the BondFilm® LDD product in order to create a pretreatment and surface that maximizes CO2 laser absorption and ensure improved direct LDD results. This improved laser absorption property yields consistent hole sizes, reduced “Copper Splash” and less undercut than other LDD pretreatments.
  • ResistAssist 20: Advanced surface pretreatment system specifically targeted at applications with ultra fine feature size and smallest spacing between adjacent features.
Photoresist stripping
Superior performance of ResistStrip IC for very fine lines

Superior performance of ResistStrip IC for very fine lines

  • ResistStrip® Series: The extensive range of ResistStrip® Series products ensures that Atotech has the correct solution on offer for every PCB application need. The product range is based on modified hydroxides and amine solutions to guarantee enhanced stripping performance with minimal corrosive attack.
  • ResistStrip® IC Series: ResistStrip® IC series is an evolution towards suitability for very fine line production and has been specially formulated to meet the demands of the very demanding IC-Substrate industry. The traditional stripping mechanism has been modified to essentially stop the film swelling that leads to lock in and dry film residues in fine line applications and to perform optimal with advanced manufacturing methods such as SAP.

Metal stripping
Final Result with PallaStrip IC

Top: final result without PallaStrip® IC, bottom: final result with PallaStrip® IC

  • PallaStrip® IC 2: A cyanide free palladium stripper that is suitable for use in removal of palladium containing seed layers. The removal of any seeding layer is critical in fine line applications as they can lead to uncontrolled deposition during subsequent plating operations. PallaStrip ® IC 2 offers a simple and easy process solution without the use of any harmful cyanide components, giving the most efficient removal of Palladium catalyst deposits with minimal copper removal.
  • TinSolv® & SolderStrip®: Atotech’s range of two-stage and single-stage metal strippers ensure clean and active copper surfaces after metal resist stripping. The formulations of TinSolv® (for tin stripping) and SolderStrip® (for tin / lead removal) enable complete and even stripping, both on the surface as well as in small holes and blind vias.

Direct metal deposition on molding resin

Singulated chips after Ni plating for conformal EMI shielding

  • Enabling technology for direct metal deposition on molding resin: Booster® MR is a unique wet-chemical adhesion enhancement process for primer-less metal plating directly on molding resins. Direct plating on molding resin enables applications for conformal electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and “direct circuit formation” on molding resins, such as for FO WLP (FO PoP, FO SiP). The Booster® MR process can handle singulated and strip based products, using tape carriers to prevent the I/O side from being attacked by the plating solutions.

Direct metal deposition on polyimide

Polyimide film on the left side and after coating with CovaBond® P100 on the right side

  • Covabond® P100 is a process that enables the creation of fine line and spacescircuitry directly on polyimide films using mSAP* and SAP processing technology for high density interconnect (HDI) and chip-on-flex (COF) applications, improving the adhesion of current sputter technology and reducing the process cost.

Adhesion promoter for plating on glass

Cu patterning on glass wafer with VitroCoat GI

  • Adhesion promoter for plating on glass: Atotech’s VitroCoat® GI is a new and innovative adhesion promoter that enables wet chemical metal deposition on glass. It can be applied using a short, simple, cost effective dip-coating method. VitroCoat GI’s key advantage is unparalleled coverage in high aspect ratio through-vias versus competing processes such as PVD.

Horizon® BondFilm

Integrated production solution for bonding enhancement and surface treatment technologies

The Horizon® BondFilm system offers Atotech’s latest technology package in chemical processing, thin material conveyance and fluid delivery.

  • Horizon® BondFilm LDD – a unique process to improve CO2 laser absorption of surfaces prior to laser direct drilling applications at maximum reliability
  • CupraEtch® – a unique multipurpose micro-etch system for best adhesion of primary imaging resists or solder masks in the production of high quality printed circuits

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“We provide a wide selection of process chemistries across the full manufacture process, with our core business targeted upon Advanced Surface Preparation and Bonding Enhancement Technology. Our focus is to develop and supply sustainable and functionally reliable systems.”

Patrick Brooks
Global Product Director Surface Treatment at Atotech Germany

Recent publications

Advanced adhesion promotor system for IC substrate packaging

This paper highlights the development of a low etching treatment process which meets all of the challenges of Enhanced functional performance together with lowest signal insertion loss to be suitable for so called 5G applications. EXPT NovaBond EX is a system developed to meet these challenges, with the formation of a smooth copper surface with minimal copper loss (less than 200-nm), which is subsequently treated with a coating of adhesion promotor to provide the strongest possible bond strength.

2019, PDF, 240 KB

New, advanced soldermask and photoresist pretreatment for significant waste water benefits and low etch depth requirement

Atotech has developed a new ferric-sulfate based microetching process which is both technically and commercially superior to existing POR pretreatment chemistries for Soldermask and Photoresist pretreatment.
The excellent adhesion for ultra-low etch depth together with a high copper loading provide important advantages for the process, because they allow the process to have low bleed within the range of the drag-out, which signicantly reduces waste water volumes.

2017, PDF, 1,000 KB

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