Technology of choice

for PCB and package substrate makers

BondFilm® HP

High performance adhesion promotor for inner layer bonding

Super clean

By preventing more than 95% of sludge, by lower COD and waste-waster


Great adhesion performance, thermal reliability and process control


Prevents high-resistance shorts and dendritic growth

BondFilm® HP

Our high performance BondFilm HP® is the latest generation of our trusted BondFilm® series. It has been developed with the most demanding applications in mind, where residues, dirt and other contaminants must be excluded.

automotive multilayer hdi

Our BondFilm HP® is used where products must be long lasting and reliable. Whether in the telecommunications sector or for automotive applications, the latest BondFilm® in the series is extremely versatile.

  • Ultra low sludge formation
  • Prevents high-resistance shorts and dendritic growth
  • High copper loading
  • Less waste-waster
  • Less maintenance needed
  • Lower etch-depth
  • Great adhesion performance
  • Greenest of BondFilm® yet

What inspires us

Why we developed BondFilm® HP

Your challenge

In order to satisfy the high quality standards of leading automotive and computing OEMs, only the best tools are sufficient. With BondFilm HP® you are well equipped to master the fierce competition.

Our solution

BondFilm® HP is a clean pretreatment for inner layer bonding that makes producing flawless circuits a breeze.

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