Technology of choice

for PCB and package substrate makers

CupraEtch® SR 8000

Universally improving the adhesion of photoresists and soldermasks

Reliable soldermask adhesion

Permanent soldermask adhesion, surpassing toughest test requirements, compatible with all final finishes such as Immerion Tin and ENIG

Automotive OEM requirements passed

Tough Automotive OEM qualifications passed, already in production and testet for key OEMs

Matched with Atotech’s systems

Best chemistry and equipment fit with Atotech’s CupraEtch® systems

CupraEtch® SR 8000

Reliable soldermask adhesion


CupraEtch® SR 8000 is very robust process and is suitable for with Photoresist and Soldermask pretreatment. Depending on the application the process is able to create a standard to very high level of roughness that is ideal for the application that the customer seeks for. It shows great performance with a wide range of Photoresists and Soldermasks and is suited for aggressive surface finishes such as IMT and ENIG.

As all CupraEtch® processes it has a particularly high copper loading window that allows for minimization of waste water treatment needs and therefore translates directly into cost savings.

CupraEtch® SR 8000 has been designed to universally improve the adhesion of Photoresists and Soldermasks for the production of printed circuit boards. The product guarantees the formation of uniformly micro-roughened copper surfaces, providing the ideal topography for adhesion enhancement of both dry and liquid Photoresist and Soldermasks.

automotive multilayer hdi

  • Reliable & uniform pretreatment for soldermask & photoresist adhesion
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application – matched chemistry and equipment with Atotech’s CupraEtch® system
  • Simple, three-step, low-temperature process
  • Also suitable for existing equipment and pretreatment lines
CupraEtch SR guarantees an optimal surface roughness

CupraEtch® SR guarantees an optimal surface roughness

  • Significantly improved copper adhesion to Photoresists and Soldermasks
  • Excellent surface characteristics with uniform roughness
  • High copper holding capacity up to 45 g/L
  • Minimal copper removal
  • Compatible with a wide range of selective finishes, including IMT and ENIG

What inspires us

Why we developed CupraEtch® SR 8000

Your challenge

In order to ensure the reliable and cost-efficient production of advanced multilayers and HDIs you need reliable, permanent soldermask adhesion and also rely on sufficient, temporary photoresist adhesion for both Inner- and Outerlayers. On top of that you need stay ahead and enable fine line/space targets and meet tough OEM reliability requirements.

Our solution

CupraEtch® SR 8000 is a cupric-chloride based, three-step micro-etching pretreatment process for the promotion of soldermask and photoresist adhesion. By controlling the etch depth and the correlating surface roughness creation the process is suitable for both mentioned applications. It provides reliable adhesion for all industry-standard soldermasks and photoresists and is suited and compatible with final finishes, even Immersion Tin.

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