Technology of choice

for PCB and package substrate makers

BondFilm® EX-S2

Advanced high frequency adhesion promotor

Signal transmission

Great SI performance due to reduced roughness and minimum line width reduction


Great adhesion performance, thermal reliability and process control


Creates 90% less sludge than other competing processes

BondFilm® EX-S2

High frequency applications need a bonding enhancement process that gives excellent thermal reliability and provides additionally superior performance in terms of reduced signalloss.

BondFilm® EX-S2 is an advanced replacement for conventional bonding enhancement solutions, offering enhanced performance with minimal copper removal and therefore a smooth copper interface desired for high frequency applications without the need to revert to more complex NEAP applications.

automotive multilayer hdi

BondFilm® EX-S2 is a future proof process that can be used for HDI PCBs such as in flagship smartphones, in the automotive sector, for telecommunication and network devices. It is compatible with a wide range of low loss dielectric materials.

  • Compatible with wide range of low loss materials
  • Minimal copper reduction (0.3 – 0.5 μm)
  • Smooth interface Ra < 250nm
  • Best in class in terms of signal integrity
  • Consistent peel strength afterthermal stress
  • Short process with low operating temperatures and short dwell times increases productivity

What inspires us

Why we developed BondFilm® EX-S2

Your challenge

The challenge of achieving top SI performance without compromising adhesion and thermal reliability will separate the winners from the losers in the PCB manufacturing industry.

Our solution

We managed to find a balanced measure to combine great SI, adhesion and thermal reliability performance, by bringing our well established oxide replacement process together with self-synthesized adhesion molecules.

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