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NEAP X.1/X.2

Non-etching adhesion promoter for selective silver plated leadframes

High reliability for automotive the industry

Significantly improves the adhesion between leadframe surface and EMC, and thus enables MSL1 of IC packages

Excellent heat resistance

No performance degradation and survives even under extreme heat treatment conditions during the IC assembly processes

Green and low

Green and sustainable technology. Cost effective compared to existing technology

NEAP X.1/X.2

Adhesion promoters for leadframes have been gaining popularity in recent years due to the necessity to overcome package delamination issues. Most of these adhesion promoters work based on improving mechanical bonding to epoxy molding compound (EMC) and die attach glue, through metal surface roughening process or rough metal plating process. However, due to the nature of the yielded rough surface on leadframes, various assembly problems have been encountered, such as epoxy bleed out during die-attach and difficulty in deflashing after molding. Hence, the drive for a new novel process has led to the development of NEAP X.1/X.2.

  • Can be easily “dropped-in” to the existing plating process of selective silver plated leadframes at the leadframe supplier sites
  • Can also be implemented in IC assembly companies as all chemical processes involved are “Green” (no cyanides), and thus no new/special waste treatment facilities are needed

Non etched process

  • No rough/powdery coating on copper surface
  • Much better controlled EBO (Epoxy Bleed Out) during die-attach
  • No difficulty in deflashing after molding

Unique adhesion promoter for silver surface

  • Rough copper leadframes still pose high risk of delam on silver area

Excellent reliability performance

  • Better reliability than rough copper under high thermal conditions
  • Meets automotive requirements, i.e MSL 1 + HTS, MSL 1 + TC

Simple process flow

  • Drop-in for leadframe plating line replacing the silver back-stripping with AgPrep 26L
  • Non cyanide silver process available for enabling the incorporation in the IC assembly companies

Versatile and lower overall cost

  • Works well on spot silver and ring silver leadframes
  • Unlike rough copper technology, does not require to minimize silver plating area through expensive photoresist plating

What inspires us

Why we developed NEAP X.1/X.2

Your challenge

IC Package delamination has always been a challenge for the IC packaging industry. With the trend towards autonomous driving, the automotive industry has raised its reliability requirements. The reliability standard for IC packages is now looking beyond MSL 1. The new reliability requirements include:

  • MSL 1 @ 260°C + 3000 hours HTS (bake at 175°C)
  • MSL 1 @ 260°C + 3000 cycles TC (-55°C/+150°C)
  • – MSL 1 @ 260°C + 96 hours Autoclave Test (121°C/15 psi)

Our solution

NEAP X.1/X.2 is an adhesion promoter for selective silver plated leadframes which does not involve the conventional ways of creating rough leadframe surfaces for better adhesion with EMC through mechanical bonding. Instead, NEAP X.1/X.2 is a non-etched, non-roughened process, thus solving many problems associated with rough leadframe surfaces. At the same time it provides excellent adhesion performance which could help to meet the new stringent reliability requirements for the automotive industry.

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