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Electrolytic plating

Integrated wet chemical process and equipment solutions for package substrates and printed circuit boards (HDI/MLB and Flex/Flex-Rigid)

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  • Electrolytic plating for the highest requirements in reliability and productivity
  • Solutions for various equipment types: Uniplate® IP2, vertical conveyorised lines, conventional hoist type
  • Market leading Uniplate® IP2 equipment for horizontal conveyorized production


  • Conformal plating
  • BMV filling
  • TH filling
  • Pretreatment
  • Metal resist, electrolytic final finishes

Product portfolio

Conformal copper plating

Panel 2.4 mm thickness incl. flash copper, hole diameter 0.2 mm, aspect ratio: 12:1, throwing power: > 85%

  • High volume conformal plating production in Uniplate® InPulse2 equipment: Inpulse® 2HFU2 is masking drilling defects and provides reliable coverage of wedge voids thanks to its superior throwing power in BMVs. The process is the ideal solution for reliable mSAP flash plating. Inpulse® 2HT2 assures best plating uniformity in through holes with significantly improved surface plated copper distribution, comparing high and low hole density areas.
  • The latest version of Atotech’s Cupracid® TP series: Cupracid® TP3. This is an electrolytic copper plating process for conventional hoist type DC equipment using soluble anodes. It provides outstanding throwing power at high current densities and low surface tension for the comprehensive wetting of BMVs and through holes. Cupracid® TP3 offers excellent reliability results. It is a very robust process with stable plating performance after idle time.
  • Cupracid® AC5 is our next generation process for conformal copper plating with soluble anodes. It provides even improved throwing power in both BMVs and Through Holes at high current densities. It is compatible to a wide range of metallisation processes on the market and ideally suited for Automotive production. Cupracid® AC5 is compatible with a wide range of vertical conveyorised systems with sparger electrolyte agitation as well as hoist type equipment with air agitation.
  • Cuprapulse® XP7 for soluble anode systems is our pulse plating solution for high aspect ratio conformal copper plating. DC technology does not even come close to the throwing power performance achieved with Cuprapulse® XP7. High current density pulse plating allows for increased productivity with simultaneous quality improvements such as better surface distribution and line shape.
  • Cuprapulse® IN is our answer to the increasing market demand for vertical pulse plating with insoluble anodes in VCP and hoist type systems. It provides more uniform copper appearance in comparison to standard pulse plating processes with soluble anodes. It can be operated under turbulent flow conditions without oiling-out or two-tone effect. Pulse plating allows for superior throwing power in shortest plating time for high throughput in your plating equipment.
  • Especially for the requirements of the flex/ rigid-flex market, we have developed InPro® FLEX2 / Cupracid® FLEX2. Both processes target conformal copper plating at high current densities and provide excellent throwing power in Through Holes. The deposits plated with both processes exhibit excellent crystal structure, ductility and flexibility for the highest reliability in flex application. InPro® FLEX2 is for use with insoluble anodes, Cupracid® FLEX2 operates with soluble anodes.

Copper BMV filling

BMV filling in panel and pattern mode (Inpulse® 2HF9 and Inpulse® 3MSAP2)

  • Horizontal BMV Filling: Inpulse® 2HF9 provides outstanding BMV filling performance (Superfilling®). Superlative BMV filling results with minimum surface plated copper will be achieved. Thus the use of Inpulse® 2HF9 in the unique Uniplate® InPulse2 System in combination with the Atotech Fe-redox Cu replenishment system is ideally suited and proven for high end and high volume HDI production. Inpulse® 3MSAP2, in combination with the Uniplate® InPulse3 equipment offers pattern BMV filling at excellent panel surface distribution. The process is dedicated for mSAP and amSAP production at highest current densities and provides outstanding rectangular line shape.
  • Vertical BMV filling: InPro® MVF and InPro® MVF2 are the VCP processes for current and next generation HDI BMV filling. They are designed for use of insoluble anodes in DC mode and provides excellent pattern BMV filling without dome plating at minimum plated thickness. Our mass production proven InPro® THF is not only capable for through hole filling but is also a high current density pattern BMV filling process in VCP systems with insoluble anodes. It is the reference for mSAP applications. It’s successor InPro® THF2 offer greater filling capabilities, higher uniformity and increased ductility especially for amSAP production.
  • InPro® SAP3 is our mass production proven process for IC Substrate BMV filling in VCP systems with insoluble anodes. It provides an excellent within-unit distribution. To increase IC Substrate production the high uniformity can be achieved at high applicable current densities. Copper filling performance is uniform in a wide working window to ensure stable and reliable production results for fine line application. InPro® SAP6 is our next generation process. It can be operated at even higher current densities to increase productivity. InPro® SAP6 offers the best within-unit distribution in the market on high demanding IC layer and superior surface finishing compared to POR chemistry.
  • BMV filling on flex application can be challenging, especially in a case where rolled annealed (RA) copper foil is used. In these cases, it is difficult to achieve a uniform, void-free filling and a bright surface copper appearance because of the RA copper crystal structure. InPro® RA provides excellent shininess and reliable filling performance even on half etched RA copper foils and fulfills the industry reliability standards for flex application. It is compatible with VCP, hoist type and reel-to-reel equipment with insoluble anodes and sparger electrolyte agitation.

Copper through hole filling

Laser drilled , inclusion-free through hole: Diameter 100 µm, panel thickness 0.2mm, plated Cu 15 µm

  • Inpulse® 2THF2 together with the unique Uniplate® InPulse2 horizontal reverse pulse plating systems is ideally suited for through hole filling , especially for core material with a copper foil of less than 5 µm thickness. Inpulse® 2THF2 grants reliable and inclusion-free copper through hole filling combining patented X-plating and Superfilling® technology in one process chemistry achieving lowest possible surface thickness.
  • InPro® THF is a filling electrolyte for laser ablated through holes (LTH) in VCP facilities for IC Substrate production. The DC plating process is running in mass production in VCP equipment worldwide. It’s successor InPro THF2 offers increased filling performance and uniformity. Both may also be used for pattern BMV filling at highest current densities for (a)mSAP production.

Electroytic finish

SolderFill for filling of smallest SRO’s

  • Nikotron®: Assures a soft, ductile and low internal stress nickel deposits. Stress level and hardness can be controlled.
  • Aurotron®: An electrolytic gold plating for wire bonding and soldering as well as for hard gold applications.
  • Pallatron: Provides an electrolytic palladium deposition for higher reliability and reduces costs for Ni/Pd/Au applications.
  • SolderFill®: A high-speed Electrolytic Tin Solder Depot Plating which overcomes the limitations of solder paste printing and Micro-ball placement.
  • StannoBond®: An electrolytic tin plating process for Solder on Copper Pillar and for Thermo Compression Bonding.
RDL and Pillar plating

  • The new Innolyte® product family for electrolytic plating is paired with an innovative equipment technology for electroplating, the MultiPlate®. Our high purity Innolyte® chemistries are designed to plate RDL structures and pillars at highest current densities while achieving excellent uniformity of the plated structures. The plated copper is of high Cu purity to ensure highest copper properties and reliability.

Cleaning for 3 min at 35 °C: no attack and no dry film lift off

  • CupraPro® S8: A biodegradable pre-treatment for all HDI panel and pattern copper plating applications. It grants excellent cleaning and also low dynamic surface tension for optimum wetting with reduced drag out.
  • CupraPro® MV: A biodegradable pre-treatment product for IC Substrate plating applications, specifically developed for use in vertical hoist type equipment. It is NPE free and grants fast, effective pre-treatment through its low dynamic surface tension for via filling applications with reduced drag out.
  • CupraPro® VC: A new acid pre-treatment product for all panel and pattern copper plating applications, specifically developed for use in vertical conveyorized equipment. It grants low foaming in turbulent fluid environments and rapid, effective wetting of all structures, especially high aspect ratio through holes and BMVs.

Uniplate® InPulse2

Atotech’s leading integrated horizontal system for electrolytic copper deposition

The unique Uniplate® InPulse2 System and processes are ideally suited to meet all demands for high end production using pulse plating at high effective current densities with insoluble anodes.

  • Inpulse® 2HF9 – Atotech’s SuperFilling technology allows reliable high volume HDI production of stacked via technology
  • Inpulse® 2THF2 – a unique process enabling inclusion-free through hole filling with minimum surface plated copper
  • Inpulse® 2HFU2 – best BMV preparation for subsequent lamination and copper filling within mSAP production processes

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Multiplate® P

Atotech’s solution for next generation packaging technologies

  • MultiPlate® is the ECD tool that offers the versatility and multifunctionality necessary to tackle current and future challenges for optimal performance in advanced packaging technologies. The MultiPlate® P system is designed for Panel-Level-Packaging and capable of processing panels up to 650×610 mm.
  • Innolyte® PLP – the RDL and via filling process offers excellent distribution and via filling capabilities in combination with an excellent line shape
  • Innolyte® P – high purity copper pillar plating at current densities up to 20 A/dm² for best uniformity and no voiding in IMC.

“We offer cost-efficient solutions to the PCB and FOPLP industry with the full spectrum of applications for electrolytic plating of Cu, Sn, Ni, Pd, Au and suitable pre-treatments. Our portfolio comprises of processes for all types of equipment from horizontal to VCP and hoist type systems.”

Bert Reents
Global Product Director Electrolytic Plating at Atotech Germany

Recent publications

InPulse 3 - A New Horizontal Cu Plating System for mSAP/amSAP Technology

This paper describes a new horizontal copper plating process especially designed to transport very thin panels with a thickness down to 30 μm (25 μm Substrate with 2×2 μm copper clad). It also shows first plating results with the combination of this new equipment together with the new developed dedicated electrolyte. The new system is designed enable pattern plating and the use of (a)mSAP processes towards lines/ spaces in the range of 20/20 µm. The paper was first published during EIPC winter conference in February 2020.

2020, PDF, 1,119 KB

Filling of Microvias and Through Holes by Electrolytic Copper Plating – Current Status and Future Outlook

This article was created in cooperation with GreenSource Fabrication LLC., USA and was originally presented on IPC APEX EXPO 2019. The paper describes the reasons for development of copper via filling and a roadmap of dimensions for copper filled through holes, microvias and showing aspects of other copper plated structures on PCBs. Furthermore, it contains feasibility studies of new electroplated structures for future applications such as copper pillar plating on IC-substrates.

2019, PDF, 540 KB

Enhancing Productivity for IC-substrate manufacturing by using a novel Copper Electrolyte for Semi Additive Plating

The Semi Additive Process (SAP) has gained more attraction over the past years because it enables very fine lines and spaces for the production of IC-substrates. When operating with lines and spaces (L/S) of 10/10 μm and less, the copper thickness variation is one of the critical parameters which has to be controlled within a tight range in order to avoid reliability problems in assembly or during the lifetime. This paper contains the results of our investigations on our latest via filling process for IC-substrates with regards to copper thickness variation (WUD), dimple results, filling performance and microsection pictures.
This article was originally published on EPTC 2018, Singapore.

2018, PDF, 320 KB

Upscaling panel size for Cu plating on FOPLP (Fan Out Panel Level Packaging) applications to reduce manufacturing cost

The ever increasing demand of higher performance, lower cost and thinner end user devices like smartphones require intense developments and innovation in all areas of the electronic component design including the substrate and chip packaging. Latest manufacturing technologies in both areas like fan-out wafer level packaging and advanced substrates are constantly emerging and promise to be a critical piece to meet these requirements. The paper presents latest studies and conclusions in critical performance areas of the plating process such as electrolyte fluid dynamics, impact of anode design, pulse reverse rectification and newly designed electrolytes on panel sizes of up to 600 mm.
This article was originally published on IMAPS 2018, Pasadena.

2018, PDF, 900 KB

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