Providing electrolytes for the highest requirements


in reliability and productivity

InPro® MVF / InPro® MVF2

Panel via filling in VCP using insoluble anodes

Low surface thickness

BMV filling for HDI application with very low plated surface thickness

Highest reliability

Outstanding results in TCT and solder shock tests

CVS analysis

All additives can be analysed by CVS for easy process control

InPro® MVF and InPro® MVF2 are vertical BMV filling processes using insoluble anodes for best plating uniformity in vertical equipment. Both are designed for use in DC mode with sparger agitation and external copper replenishment.

The InPro® MVF series enables panel BMV filling with or without conformal through hole plating. InPro® MVF is being used in HDI and flex applications where very low plated copper surface is needed.

InPro® MVF2 is the next generation process that offers increased filling capabilities, better throw in through holes and a wider working window.

  • BMV filling process for current and next generation HDI, flex and Automotive
  • Applicable for high sulfuric acid concentrations
  • Very low plated copper thickness to enable finer resolution
  • Compatible for all VCP systems on the market using sparger electrolyte agitation
  • Insoluble anodes with external Cu replenishment

BMV 100 µm × 75 µm, filled with 26 µm together with TH conformal, AR 6.4:1 and throwing power 80%

  • HDI and flex via filling with very low plated surface copper
  • High applicable current densities to increase productivity
  • Low dimple BMV filling at low surface copper plated, no “dome” effect
  • Stable filling performance at extended bath age
  • Wide working window with regards to additives and sulfuric acid concentration
  • Excellent physical properties for highest reliability (bendability, TCT, SST, ductility)

What inspires us

Why we developed InPro® MVF and InPro® MVF2

Your challenge

BMV filling in panel plating mode with minimum dimple is required for HDI and flex production. Increasing demands in terms of reliability need optimal plated copper properties. To meet your process and productivity targets the required filling processes must provide a minimum of surface plated copper and no dome plating at highest possible current densities.

Our solution

InPro® MVF and InPro® MVF2 are Atotech’s answer to increasing productivity and quality demands. The InPro® MVF series provides reliable BMV filling in VCPs and hoist type systems with insoluble anodes for HDI and flex production. They have been developed to ensure filling without dome plating at minimum surface plated copper. Our InPro® MVF series can be used in a wide additive an acid working window to provide the highest flexibility according to your manufacturing needs.

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