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Cupracid® AC5

Conformal copper plating using soluble anodes and high current densities

Conformal plating for BMVs and TH

High flexibility conformal plating for both BMVs and through vias granting high throwing power

For many applications

Applicable for flex, flex-rigid, MLB, HDI applications

Optimised for mass production

High current densities up to 4 A/dm² applicable for high throughput

BMV 100 µm × 75µm plated at 1.4 A/dm², throwing power 100%

The process is for conformal copper plating with soluble anodes. The applicable current density ranges from 1 A/dm² up to 4 A/dm² reaching excellent throwing power especially in BMVs. Cupracid® AC5 is compatible with a wide range of vertical conveyorised systems with sparger electrolyte agitation as well as hoist type equipment with air agitation. The process can be used for both panel and pattern plating applications.

For best process control it is based on a three additive system using leveller, brightener and carrier while all its additives are controllable by CVS method.

automotive flex pcb multilayer
  • Low cost conformal plating for high volume flex, flex-rigid, MLB, HDI as well as automotive applications
  • Process using soluble anodes
  • Ideally suited for vertical conveyorized application using sparger
  • Also applicable for conventional hoist type equipment using air agitation

3.2 mm board thickness; AR 6.4; Throwing power >100%

  • Excellent throwing power in through holes and especially in BMVs, improved throwing power compared to older version
  • Applicable for high current densities from 1 A/dm² to 4 A/dm²
  • Cost saving process due to less plated copper by excellent throwing power
  • Meets standards of reliability tests like solder shock and TCT
  • Analysable by CVS method for best process control
  • Compatible to a wide range of metallisation processes on the market

What inspires us

Why we developed Cupracid® AC5

Your challenge

Market demand for high throwing power put conformal electrolytic copper plating to a new challenge. PCB manufacturers require a reliable high volume process for conformal BMV and through hole plating at high current densities. A process fulfilling these requirements is needed for the use of vertical conveyorised as well as hoist type equipment.

Our solution

Cupracid® AC5  was developed to enable reliable conformal plating of through holes and blind micro vias (BMV). It gives an excellent throwing power in through holes and especially in BMVs under application of high current densities (1 up to 4 A/dm²). Cupracid® AC5 can be used in vertical conveyorised plating systems (VCP) as well as in conventional hoist type equipment. The process passes standard reliability tests and is ideal suited for flex, flex-rigid, MLB, HDI and automotive applications.

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