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Pallacor® HSN Plus

Cost optimized Pd/Ni process as an alternative to thick Au deposits


A stack of NiPd/flash Gold is a cost-effective alternative to thick Au layers

Lower process costs

Due to reduced Pd concentration (13-17 g/l) compared to conventional Pd/Ni electrolytes

Stable alloy composition

Of 80:20 % Pd/Ni

Pallacor® HSN Plus – reliable and hard silver process for connectors and bus bars.

  • Cost effective through reduced Pd content leads to lower cost for make up and drag out
  • Cost effective through lower density of Pd/Ni as Gold, 11g/cm3 vs 19 g/cm3
  • Robust process with an exceptional stability of more than 20 MTO
  • Applicable for high speed application (spot plating with up to 80 ASD)
  • Works in spot, wheel & brush plating tools
  • Simple and reliable process control – very large working window
  • Improved ductility
  • Constant alloy composition over the entire working window

  • High-end IC substrates based on SAP technology
  • IC substrates using amSAP technology

  • Significant cost advantage compared to standard Pd/Ni electrolyte. Make up with only 13 g/l Pd vs. 20 g/l Pd reduces the make up costs by 125 k$ for a 200 l tank volume and several 100k $ annual running cost through reduced drag out loss
  • Further cost reductions through long life time of more than 20 MTO with very stable performance over a wide working window
  • Very stable Pd/Ni alloy composition over a wide range of concentrations and current densities
  • Improved ductility compared to standard Pd/Ni deposits (7 %)

What inspires us

Why we developed Pallacor®HSN Plus

Your challenge

High reliability connectors often require a thick Gold layer increasing significantly costs. Reducing the Au thickness is one but not always a viable way. An alternative layer stack with comparable reliability is needed.

Our solution

A stack with Pallacor® HSN PLUS can significantly reduce the precious metal cost for a connector without impairing the reliability. It’s stable 80: 20 % Pd/Ni alloy is significantly lighter than Gold and can be used with a thin flash gold layer on top.

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