Next generation copper pillar plating

Spherolyte® Cu UF5

Electrolyte for high speed, highly uniform Copper pillar plating

Excellent coplanarity

At high speed plating conditions

Excellent profile shape

Adjustable via additive settings


For high speed plating with best reliability

Next generation electrolyte for Cu pillar plating

Spherolyte® UF5 is our chemistry suite for high speed copper pillar plating in advanced packaging applications. The process is designed for standard pillars for flip chip application as well as new technological requirements such as mega pillar (tall pillar) plating. With an excellent profile shape dish, flat and dome profiles can be precisely adjusted via the 3 organic additives in the chemical suite. Thanks to highest purity, impurities (e.g., S, Cl) are found to be vastly below impurities of similar processes.


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  • High speed Cu pillar plating for advanced packaging
  • Reliable and uniform
  • Ideally suited for high-throughput void free copper deposition

  • Pure copper deposit due to lower additive incorporation
  • Excellent non-uniformity of <5% at high speed plating
  • Elimination of Ni diffusion barrier
  • Excellent adjustable profile shape
  • Fully analyzable additive system
  • Compatible with fountain and paddle plater type

What inspires us

Why we developed Spherolyte® Cu UF5

Your challenge

Advanced packaging technologies using copper pillars have emerged as enablers of further miniaturization and enhanced performance. Driven by the increasing demand for faster and better performance, the industry is focused on technologies that provide higher throughput, exceptional reliability performance, and optimal yield.

Our solution

Unlike standard copper plating processes, the Spherolyte® Cu UF5 process is targeted at Cu pillar plating applications which require highest uniformities at high speed and an excellent profile shape control. The process is compatible with fountain and paddle platers, shows excellent voiding performance and exhibits a fully analyzable additive system.

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