Metallization of flex and exotic dielectric materials


Maximized adhesion and conductivity

Our product portfolio


Atotech’s enhanced graphite-based direct metallization process

Outstanding Propagation

ViaKing® has superior conductivity ensuring excellent coverage on a wide variety of dielectric base materials and high layer count build ups.

Drop-in solution

Easy to install in existing lines with Carbon based processes.

Existing customer reference list

ViaKing® is being utilized at over 10 customers globally, 50% of which process flex and exotic dielectric.

ViaKing® is an enhanced graphite-based direct metallization process.

ViaKing® has been available since August 1st 2019 and is integral to Atotech’s insistence on, and commitment to, excellence in products and service quality.

  • Low etch rate post carbon copper cleaning step
  • Ideally suited for conveyorized application however vertical processing is possible
  • Stable graphite bath with a wide operation window
  • The process is compatible with panel and pattern plate applications
  • Flex production is the key benefit of ViaKing®

  • Outstanding propagation
  • Compatible with flex, multi-flex and exotic dielectric materials
  • Suitable for panel or pattern plate technologies
  • Direct Cu to Cu adhesion with only 0.25 – 0.5 µm etch-rate for maximum reliability
  • Chelator, Cyanide and Formaldehyde free process
  • Wide operating window for the temperature of the colloid and enhanced bath stability
  • Easy to install into existing equipment
  • Short horizontal process
  • Low water consumption
  • Ideal for low volume or stop / start production

The ViaKing® graphite bath operates at higher temperature (33°C) than the equivalent competition processes making it ideal for regions with higher ambient temperature. This is combined with a higher pH, ensures minimal sludge generation.

What inspires us

Why we developed ViaKing®

Your challenge

To successfully process flex and exotic dielectric materials at a fiscally acceptable level. Utilities and wastewater must be included as part of the fiscal equation in any manufacturing environment. A technically significant parameter for many technologies is the etch rate to prevent negative etch back which has the potential to result in electrical discontinuities and voiding.

Our solution

ViaKing® is an enhanced graphite-based, cost-effective direct metallization process.
Designed to accommodate a low etch rate, in combination with a graphite step that can operate at a higher temperature and pH, ViaKing® provides excellent stability, conductivity and electrical integrity for market-leading high yield electrolytic plating.

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